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Buyers are getting poor day by day :)

I have started Fiverr 2 years back from now, at that time the buyers use to pay good amount for the jobs, I have restarted the Fiverr but it’s totally different now, buyer don’t have enough money for their work. I think it’s due to competition and low rate sellers :smiley:

Agree ?

not all buyers are same… :slight_smile: I have joined fiverr only 2months. Already worked with few who understands the hard work and appreciates.

Frankly speaking a buyer with low budget, good behavior is way better than someone who pays well but you know…

SEO is expensive and the only way to negate that expense is giving a ton of [your] time to manual outreach and link building. However you will still fall short if you do not have software. If you don’t want to purchase software you come to Fiverr and buy a gig. Simple.

Much like Fixed Odds Betting Terminals - known as the crack cocaine of gambling - buyers can get addicted to clickbait headlines that promise to rank you number 1 for $5.

It staggers me that anyone would think you create a website, pay someone $5 and have lift off. As I have said to potential clients, if I or the seller could rank a website for $5 then NOBODY would sell it as a gig on Fiverr, EVER. [we] would all be at home filthy rich having ranked number one for $5!

There are several buyers who have reminded me of the title of this website and question why $10 is needed for a service. Several buyers have come to me for writing services; in essence to untangle the Gordian Knot of text provided (cheaply(!)) by another seller.

Buyers do have more choice as the gig economy has exploded over recent years, but the attitude of the many (and you only have to look in the Buyer requests) of instant success for $5 has gotten out of control.

The market will crack at some point and those who offer evergreen and viable gigs for $5 or above will still be standing, but for now I feel we have to accept that buyers have too much choice and this drives what [they] demand and expect for $5.

It may depend on the category. I just got back from 2 months off fiverr and immediately got a few $50, $40 and $30 orders in the first week.

You have to position yourself for bigger orders so that you attract those kind of customers. This will take time, but it is definitely possible.

Stand firm with your prices. Only change them if it is obvious that you are overcharging or not providing value for money.