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Buyers are going away from Fiverr

I think buyers are going away from fiverr for its long time based update issues. What do you think?


No. Why would they? If the mentality of a human is to quit before you start, and you do not possess the patience for at least 24 hours, then I do not desire to have you as a buyer.


It seems they probably do not feel comfortable on fiverr

Why would they need to feel comfortable? This is an online business, not a massage parlor.


you are right but businessman always think about their profit. Am I right?

This sentence of yours has nothing to do with your topic and question. What is the point of your topic? Serious buyers have the intelligence to understand the need for scheduled maintenance. “Undeveloped lifeforms” seeking to exploit others for 5$ will maybe leave. So?


It seems the website is upgrading their system from long time. Sometimes we even are not able to reply on inbox. On that situation what the new buyers will think?. Though it is for a very short time but from previous month till today it happens for many time. That’s the point

Long time - meaning two weeks?
Sometimes - meaning for 1-2 hours?

If you have a leaking roof in the office, do you: a) stop everything and start repairing or b) continue working under the umbrella?
Fiverr is doing the b) option, and some people are getting wet. Only another option is to close down entirely, which will make all users wet.

you have mentioned a great way. Thats nice solution the Fiverr has taken. Thanks for sharing your point of view

The outages are an hour long.

You won’t encounter any program that doesn’t encounter the odd bug and maintenance. The only reason it is a problem is because Fiverr is terrible at communicating about these things.

If the odd outage and bug makes someone leave a service than they’re going to leave every service on the web.


No, they don’t. Last week I checked Fiverr statistics on Google Trends and the Fiverr is on the peek since the start of Covid-19. It shows that the number of interests are growing instead of decreasing. And buyers nor sellers are not going away at all.
Buyers, however, they didn’t notice any bugs at all (probably just the inbox problem), but us, as a sellers, our entire seller page is broken.


A right thinking. “If the odd outage and bug makes someone leave a service than they’re going to leave every service on the web.”

You are right too. Here for our seller we are not able to see gig statistics

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Yes, because if it these things were broken for Buyers, Fiverr would fix the problem within hours. As of example, inbox issue got fixed really fast depending on other bugs that are 2 weeks now. As of Sellers, I don’t think anyone really leaving Fiverr because of this.


I honestly think sellers come up with these baseless theories here because they want to think there is a reason out of their control for why they aren’t getting sales or aren’t getting the amount of sales they think they are due.


I think this can be a reason for some sellers. But I think this doesn’t effect anything on sellers account or gig

All of those theories are false about the bugs, covid-19’s. I get so much orders since the start of the month and I can’t be happier than ever. Within 7 days of this month I profited more than I ever could in entire month.


While I agree they are unfounded, unjustified and very likely untrue, your personal performance doesn’t indicate whether it is true or false as there are many factors and one can still have business despite others performing poorly.


Yes, depending on your provided service and fiverr profile analytics it happens

Actually, I strongly believe that mindset is the most crucial thing. Giving complains about the bugs reducing your sales is just to make an excuse anyway. :slight_smile: