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Buyers are Missing me :(

Its been 28 days since I joined and only got 4 orders so far. I tried everything from social media to buyer requests and still am not getting much of an improvement. In the 4, 3 were from same buyer, he was 110% satisfied with my work and gave me a nice review as well, but still the story is the same…

Can anyone help me understand what I am missing? or why buyers are missing me…

Can anyone view my gigs from a buyer’s perspective and tell me what you think about it? Please help…

I have absolute confidence that I provide unparalleled services in terms of Quality, Support and delivery time.

Thank you very much for your time :slight_smile: Have a great day

You just have to be patient and keep promoting yourself off of Fiverr.

There are sellers here who only make 4 sales per year. There are no guarantees, but keep doing what you’re doing and be PATIENT! :slight_smile:

Reply to @itsyourthing: :slight_smile: thank you… but i was thinking to make this my full time job, so 4 orders per year is definitely not my kinda idea… But still i will be a bit more patient, even though ITS NOT MY THING… lol :slight_smile: Thank you once again…

Reply to @inkbridge: I wish you the best of luck, but please don’t be disappointed. There are very few, if any, sellers who can make Fiverr their sole source of income.

You’re going to have to do a lot of hustling to spread the word. Promote yourself everywhere you can, online, offline, everywhere!

You should also check out your competition - your category is full - and see if there’s something you can offer to make your gigs stand out. I don’t see anything wrong with your gigs. Keep pushing and good things will happen. :slight_smile:

Reply to @itsyourthing: Thank you for your kind words… :slight_smile:

Do you have a logo for your Fiverr account? Can i make you a logo intro video for you? and hey don’t need any gig in return… just as an appreciation for your reply…


You should create videos for your own gigs. That should be easy for you.

You should also consider creating gigs for specific niches, like Real Estate.

Best of luck.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: I have a video in YouTube but how to embed it in the gig?

When i tried to upload as my gig video, it showed as a violation to fiverr guidelines…

This is my video:

Good luck

@inkbridge: Your video doesn’t say “Exclusively on Fiverr” in it. Fiverr denies videos that are missing this, for some reason… doesn’t make sense since they watermark it anyway.

You may have to put it through a few times though, they’ve denied two of my video that clearly had Exclusively on Fiverr right there in large, plain text. I had to contact support to ask if they were blind before they let it through.

They have also denied a video of mine stating several reasons… which I had followed all of them, except one which they added that was NOT in the guidelines.

So try to add the “Exclusive on Fiverr” in the video, and hopefully that’ll work. You can never tell with Fiverr though.

Good luck, and let us know if it got accepted :slight_smile:

Reply to @omniversal: Thanks yaar… i will try that and let you know if that worked… :slight_smile: but is it necessary to have “real person” video? or is it okay to have only animated characters like the one i have?

Do anyone need a free logo reveal video??? Am kinda sitting idle now… So if you send me your logo, i will make a simple logo intro video and will send you the video file soon…

I will make only 5 of these, so please be hurry… :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck. I see above you are working on an intro video. The video will help in that category.

I would make the video under 60 seconds and make sure you clearly explain what you are providing for $5. Explain the gig extras if you have time. Some people will order after watching the video and without reading the description. I know it is terrible of them.

Reply to @inkbridge: Thanks! I don’t currently have a logo, but if I come up with one before you’re swamped with orders, I’ll definitely let you know. :slight_smile:


Naw, you don’t need real video. They kind of say that you do in the guidelines, but it can be deceiving…

And like landongrace said, which I didn’t notice, it needs to be under 60 seconds.