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Buyer's are not contacting on buyer's request

Why Buyer does not at least conversate with the seller on a job request by sellers. I have sent a huge 167 buyer requests on different logotype designs, but only one of them contacted me. I think if buyers contact sellers of their choice, and thereafter decide for placing/not placing the order to the seller. This practice will create a better understanding and communication between the two. And, last but not the least it will save the seller from frustration to some extent. Will it work?

The reason you’re not getting responses is not because the system needs to be changed.

The problem is that you’re not proving your value in your responses to BRs and you’re not tailoring them to what the buyer wants.

Either that or offering to do work you haven’t proven you can do.

Instead of assuming that the problem is with the system, consider that maybe the problem is that you aren’t doing this right.

Buyer Request responses need to be about what the buyer has asked for, NOT about you. And you need to prove that you’re suitable for what the person is asking for.


I always focus buyers requirements in merely two to three sentences and to the point in question. Some buyers offer their services in a line, some write a few sentences and other writes a full story. How can the seller got time to read the request in a hurry and send offer to a detailed story, as the time is to short fir offering one’s services. What will be the solution to this problem for sellers who are genuine and their experience is for mere two jobs done. Any comments.

When did I say long and detailed? It’s entirely possible to write about the actual project (instead of yourself) briefly instead of long thing. If you don’t know how to do that, then learn. Don’t just justify not doing that and then wonder why you aren’t getting sales.

No one buys something unless the seller has proven they understand the project. Period. Argue all you want, but that IS how sales works…

And judging by your writing here, that itself probably puts them off. You’re almost impossible to understand and you’re not professional.

Buyers don’t select people who don’t communicate properly.

I have got 5 star reviews from my two buyers for all the three points. My conversational skills with these buyers are great. I think you misjudged me. Nevertheless, I am not hurting anyone at all and if I have done that, then I am sorry for that.

I really don’t understand the point in asking for advice if you’re going to tell me you’re doing everything right when I tell you what you need to change.

That’s why a lot of sellers fail. They don’t want to change. They want to hear that they’re doing everything right and that the problem is that Fiverr is being mean and faulty.

You can’t blame Fiverr for buyers not wanting to work with you when you respond to their BRs.

And the word is conversation or converse if you meant to use a verb – I can’t even tell because your English is so poor – not “conversate.” But your English is perfect and doesn’t need to change, right? No.

Own what you need to change instead of making excuses and then wondering why things don’t work.

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I am helpless now. I am using grammarly for any type of mistakes.
Thank you for your advices.

The only way you can even sort of understand English grammar is by using Grammarly and you don’t even understand when something’s incorrect and can’t contextualize Grammarly’s recommendations.

Yet you want to argue with me that your communication skills are adequate and appropriate.


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I got you now.
Thanks a lot.