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Buyer's are not properly reviewed

I have done my job for 7 times with 5 buyer’s. But at this moment only 2 buyer’s gave 5★ review and another 2 buyer’s still not come back on fiverr, another one said he facing some problem, when he going to give me review. I don’t know what’s their proble? Why they are not interested to give a good review. I have done my job properly but buyer’s are not review properly.


It is up to a buyer as to whether they want to give you a review or not. After all no review is better than a negative review!


Yes. Thank you. But if I have done my job properly then good review is my right.

It is not your right. Read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works!


A good review is NOT your right. Getting paid for the job is.


Thank you so much. Now I’m clear about it.

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No review is 100 times better than bad reviews, I’ll prefer none than Bad, in fact most times I don’t bother asking


When they purchase a gig from you they are only responsible for paying the amount you charge. A review is not part of the deal. If you receive one Great! If you don’t just move on to your next order.


Some people don’t like to post review. Also many might give you 4* e.g say because everyone can’t give 5* and it happens many users think its better not to leave a review.

Also now if you did work well but in review communication also matters and there are 3 aspects of reviewing so better if some don’t leave review don’t force


Totally disagree!
No matter how good you are, Getting Good Reviews is not your right!
Your right is getting the money for what you done! Good Reviews is your huge bonus!
Never ask Buyer to provide you with “honest” reviews…, It just makes you look unprofessional…, and if buyer didn’t like it, they could change their mind about the reviews.


Thank you so much all of you.