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Buyers are placing order without reading the description:(

Heya! Who faced the problem when buyer places the order with the COMPLETELY different from your gig requirements?
I received lately this kind of order and had to ask for a cancellation of it. All went ok with the buyer in the end but now my rating became lower:(
How can we protect ourselves from this kind of cases?:nerd_face:

There’s no way to safeguard yourself from this 100%. You can do like i did and write "Please contact me before placing an order to make sure i can accommodate your needs first".

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Does it work?
Cause I made the same and it doesn’t :smiley:

When that happens, you can try contacting CS and asking them to cancel the order for you in a way that won’t affect your stats (since it’s clearly not your fault).

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can i use this need any copyright from you ? its look good

If I were you, I would replace the “i” with “I” first. Sorry, @j6nyc6. :wink: