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Buyers are relally from heaven


hii i have 2 month active on fiverr . i did orders since , buyers who i met really awesome comfortable and communi cative and alwways leave tip for my works


You aaare sooo locky dude, osum buyerrz


Dear jeni i need your some help regard to my work
i am a new seller and i need to know how i can work on this
and how i increase my ordors


Hello, is this the right thread for the spelling bee?


I love having nice customers. I usually go overboard with people who are kind and respectful of my work. Lately I’ve been getting d-bag rude customers. I just cancel their order and tell them to go to someone else.


.Yeah and We have strong competitors here. We can’t win. I gave up. :confused:


i always do that for emergency orders they demand only 24 hours for 2day’s works.


buyer reuest is the only way


thank youv very much im trying to get level 1 soon


@emmaki I told you. We can’t win.


You are welcome. may the success be with you with an oxford dictionary.


Were is this ox ford dictionaries you speak of?

Thanks youv.


is dicktonary real? why ox ford and not cam over brig?


Another secret they don’t share so we don’t mek the sells!


Your word is “vichyssois”.

Good luck, Contestant #1.


This forum format has a rather challenging hurdle to overcome if we’re to do a spelling be.



Congratulations, Contestant #1, for overcoming all obstacles and defeating all challengers!



Cangrats tooo har. Bat daid ve faaill too wan ani ather pasitiiion?


@emmaki @frank_d
How On aarth doo youv guyz dant know abouttt thises.