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Buyers aren’t leaving reviews

For some reason, none of my last five buyers have left a review. For context, I currently have 30 reviews and a 5 star overall rating. I have never had a streak this long without a review and additionally 3 of these last 5 orders were auto completed which is also very strange. I am not sure if something is wrong with the review process or if this is just a coincidence. Is anyone else having this problem?


same here ,will that affect our gig?

At the moment I am still getting consistent orders, however I feel like receiving no reviews is likely to impact our gig ratings

ok , that’s quite bad .
they leave the order to complete by themselves, then just leave without leaving any review. i think we need to ask them after we deliver our work to leave a review

Same here. This is the very first time I am experiencing this and getting this sort of buyers. My recent consecutive 5 buyers. I delivered the order on time, they didn’t mark it as complete even when they were coming online repeatedly. I even asked them that if they don’t require any modifications, they kindly mark the order as complete, but none replied. These orders were marked as completed after three days. This is very frustrating! That you pour your time, hardwork and efforts in the work, to meet upto buyers requirements, and they don’t bother to mark it as complete or leave a good review, appreciating our efforts (EVEN WHEN COMING ONLINE REPEATEDLY) I mean how much does it take to mark the order as complete or leave a review? Not more than 5 min!! I’m just soo annoyed at this attitude.


Yes I am seeing the same thing, that the buyer is coming online multiple times and still not accepting the order.

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The thing is, I always ask the buyer to leave a review in the final message when delivering my order. This has never been a problem before and prior to this I would say about 90% of buyers would leave a review.

Only if you want to receive an account warning. It’s not allowed to ask for reviews.

Not to mention that Fiverr reminds buyers to leave a review. Twice. If you ask them for a review, too, they coould leave you a lower rating because they thought you were annoying.

Asking for reviews is not allowed. You can get an account warning for that.

Buyers don’t have to leave a review if they don’t want to.


I am experiencing the same thing but I believe its because I am getting orders on gigs I normal do get alot of activity on. Overall only 3/4 of my orders ever get reviews, it can be annoying for the gigs you normal don’t sell often because you want that feedback to try and generate more sales for yourself. I am hoping its just a blip and not a new trend.

yeah , i think you’re right , we shouldn’t ask them for review

Same here , still don’t know why.
They didn’t even accept the order, that has been accepted automatically after 3 days :thinking:

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Only if you want to get an account warning.

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No! Never ask your buyer to leave a review. It’s the quickest way to get an account warning.

Remember, buyers are automatically reminded to leave a review. If they choose not to then, while it’s disappointing to us sellers, we just have to move on.

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my last 3 orders were completed automatically :smiley: I notice that just after reading you post lol…
Although there was one more order going to be auto complete but he just hit revise button before couple of hours :slight_smile:

I think there is nothing strange but more like coincident ?

It’s really a common problem for the sellers.

Hi there,

It depends on the buyer if he want to leave a feedback or not.


Same here. They are marking them complete but no reviews.


Don’t worry about that.
Worry about your work quality. Be patient.

Oh ok thanks. I won’t. :roll_eyes:

Hi! What job are you doing here?
I remember you since… forever :smile:

Anyway, from my experience i think you guys you shouldn’t worry about that because I believe buyers who don’t leave a review it’s because they are not 100% happy. So, i guess no review is better than a 3-4 stars right?