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Buyers aren't leaving reviews

Hi everyone.

So recently most of the buyers were leaving good reviews/ratings on my profile. But since a few days non of the buyers have been leaving reviews and most of the orders are marked completed automatically. The percentage of rated orders is down to 88%. The buyers are satisfied with the service because most of them mention that in the inbox and/or come back for more orders. Most of the buyers do know how to leave a review since they have seller reviews on their profiles.

I started putting a small ‘Looking forward to your positive feedback.’ at the end of the delivery. Is that what is putting them off?

If you have any tips for getting buyers to leave reviews (I know asking them straightforwardly is against the rules. But maybe something politely, that prompts them to leave a review, do share.

Thank you and stay safe!


This is also against the rules and can get you a warning.


You couldn’t do that becuase it’s against the law if fiver_r team see your issue you would get warning don’t do that again


@mariashtelle1 @lisan_e

Thank you so much for telling me that. How do you people ensure you get reviews? Or you do nothing and let the buyer decide himself?


That exactly.
Buyers don’t owe you reviews and some of them don’t want to leave reviews which is totally fine.


If it makes you feel any better, I have a repeat client who’s ordered from me over a dozen times (sometimes twice in one day), and never marks an order as complete or leaves feedback. Don’t take it personal. :wink:


That is reassuring.

But it’s not just about the money, the number of orders I’ve completed are way more than what is shown on my profile, so that doesn’t show a clear image of how I’m doing.


Believe it or not, some people don’t know how to use Fiverr. They feel once they’ve paid for a job, and the job is done that’s it. They don’t really leave reviews mark orders as done. They take their delivery and split.


Are you serious? Best solutions of what? What do expect fiverr support will do? That they will take a stick and will hit her customers until they leave a review?

Please don’t give “advices” that don’t make any sense.
Customer support is already overwhelmed and sending them tickets because your customers doesn’t leave reviews is beyond ridiculous.


agree with mariashtelle1. What can customer support do for OP? Mostly likely CS will give OP a warning after finding out OP put this on the end of the message :slight_smile:


I do not think buyers not leaving reviews is because they do not know how to use Fiverr.

Many like to keep what they buy on Fiverr confidential.

Some do not like to take the time to go through the hassle of completing the order, which involves ticking the stars and writing a review.

Then there is the fact that Fiverr reminds them that it is customary to leave a tip, and the minimum tip is 9% unless they choose to make a custom tip.

And after all of the above, there is still the e-mail Fiverr sends the buyer to fill out yet another form. This form is to give a secret review of the buyer. All of this is time-consuming, and it is merely easier for the buyer to let the order auto-complete.


Thank you. That helped.

At the end of the day we can’t ask the buyer to leave feedback and only hope he won’t praise in the inbox but through the review option provided.


I would be fine with a few buyers not leaving reviews, or someone who doesn’t have any reviews on his profile which would show that he doesn’t have a habit of leaving reviews. But if 8-10 buyers in a row stop leaving reviews, that hurts my profile a lot.

Reviews and ratings are the livelihoods of new sellers, and when buyers have gone through the entire process of communicating with the seller, placing an order, I don’t think spending 3-5 minutes on writing a review shouldn’t be a huge hassle.

But at the end of the day, they aren’t obliged to leave reviews and we can’t do anything about it.

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88% rated is a fabulous amount! Well above average.

There is no benefit to getting a review for every order. You’re doing just fine!

And a lot of buyers are busy or just let it autocomplete because they know it will. It doesn’t mean they have an issue with the order. I think you’re too hard on yourself! You’re doing great. Cut yourself some slack.


Thank you. This was very reassuring!


Yeah! Loads of things happen here that you can’t control and many are of no consequence. Life is too short! Live your life and take care of your health.


Agreed. I’m learning to come to terms with things that are out of my control. First experience for everything, right.

You take care too!


That’s great, and way above the average! Mine is 76%.

Don’t worry about it, you’re doing a great job.


88% is pretty good. Mine is 77% (after it being 76% for years) and I consider it a monumental achievement. Statistically, you’ll find that most sellers with a steady stream of orders report 70-90% of their orders being rated.

Adding the line about “positive feedback” to the delivery message is unprofessional, though. Don’t tell your buyers what feedback they’re allowed to leave. Maybe they had a negative experience or an unmemorable experience and don’t know what to write.


I wasn’t aware of the stats.

However, I only write ‘positive feedback’ for deliveries when I’ve shown buyers the final product and they are happy with it or love it.

However, I have realized that it is completely normal for orders to not be rated/reviewed and I’ve come to terms with it.