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Buyers ask ridiculous things for small payment


I just wanted to post a discussion that many people females on the site will probably be able to relate to. Does anyone else get messages from buyers thinking they are being generous by offering TWO gigs for a topless video? Or today, I got a message from someone wanting me to make a video, spill champagne on myself, and take my bra off for an entire $50. As if $50 is enough for me to do that. It’s just insulting! Ughhh


I suggest adding a polite disclaimer on your gig so that guys don’t even ask.

I’ve obviously not been asked to undress or anything, but I have gotten requests for adult voiceovers that were way too over the top for me.

Incidentally, your experience points out another reason that sellers should be able to “block” certain buyers.


Actually, to a particular group of workers/players - female, male or other - that would be considered generous because it’s only a short video (two, three minutes?). That person never comes near you. Don’t want to be identified? Don’t allow your face to be in it.


That is craziness!


Perhaps you meant you won’t do it at all as opposed to you won’t do it for just $50?


I couldn’t imagine asking women to take pay to do that…I’d feel like a scumbag.


Are we doing this dance again? Last time I was here some chick was ‘complaining’ about all the ‘silly’ requests to do naughty/rude/naked stuff. An ad on a website will drive more traffic to your profile, convert better and take less time.


Reply to @bachas85: I have that on every gig.


Reply to @kuzzmedia: Yes I clearly have at the bottom of each gig that I don’t do adult content, but they don’t bother to read that.


Reply to @cheezees: I mean that I won’t do it for any amount of money, but it especially bothers me when they think that $50 is generous and enough to get me to do that.

@dkendrafran Uhm, I don’t think being topless on the internet and ruining any possible future opportunities I will have is worth a measly $50. Maybe that’s enough for some people, but certainly not for me.