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Buyers ask too much sometimes


I have been seeing this more in the past few weeks.
So I get a $5 order, all fine and well, then I look at the requirements. Hi can you please do it in gold with a with a black background and do a rose that comes in at the side of the screen and make it with (insert copyrighted song here). Oh and if you could get it to me before (time several days before delivery) since it is pretty simple. I made that up but I often get requirements like this. Arrg do you have any clue how long it takes to do that? I don’t just have a program that I type “Gold, rose enters from side, sync to X song” and have a file spit out 5 seconds later. No… I have to create the background, animate the text and other elements, and sync it on these types of intros. At least 20 minutes of work. $5 gets you about 10 minutes of my time. I will do a bunch of basic customizations, but not do something from scratch unless you pay me for it. That doesn’t even include machine time (few hours)

Sorry about the rant, just wanted to blow off a little steam.


I know exactly what you mean. I’ve had several who will order a gig that takes three days to turnaround, and without even messaging me first to negotiate, say ‘I need this in 12 hours, thanks.’

I set times for a reason, but I like to believe they didn’t read that far, because if they did and chose to ignore it, that would mean a little more faith lost in humanity. :eyes:


If anyone says to me ‘it’s simple’ I run a mile :slight_smile:


They think they know how it works, but they really don’t


Years ago, I was hired to do videodesign for a theater production. They wanted me to be there all the time (as in: ride a train for 1 hour, hang around in theater all day, fruitlessly trying to read the director’s mind, going back home in the evening, working til midnight, rendering over night, rinse and repeat) When I finally had to(!) tell them that me sitting around isn’t going to produce anything, their answer was “But we have computers here! You should work on them!” :rolling_eyes:

Two days later, I happily quit this one, with no regrets.


Yeah… The general population seems to have no clue how animation works. (people don’t get the concept of rendering a lot of times)


I once had a buyer message me to ask ‘Why should I even buy your gig?’ Even more baffling was the fact that after I told him he was under no obligation to do so and to have a good day, he sent me two more messages demanding I tell him. :question: :question: :question:


its all about to remain cool & calm and focus on work output.
Definitely that a golden opportunity if buyer asked too many questions from that point you have ability to engage buyer to with your conservation and increase your order price through chat.

conservation is the backbone skill of Every business model.

Dot be soo affraid that why this happened to me only, think beyond the boundaries now this is the chance i have to make strong my conservation skills and show them my skills