Buyers asking for non-specific updates


Several times a week, I have buyers sending me messages asking how the work is going, how it’s coming along, if I’m finished yet - they don’t seem to understand that their order is not necessarily the only one I’m working on at any given time, and it does waste a good couple of minutes that I could be spending working on other orders just to clarify this.

So, perhaps dropping a message just after an order is placed, something along the lines of ‘Sellers on Fiverr often have multiple orders to get through, but you should have your delivery before the timer on your order runs out,’ would help people receive a lot less of these messages?


People work with people they like. Your response to them will help them like you more.

If the project is in your queue and you have not started it, or even looked at it, I would paste a very personal friendly message.

“Thanks for your message, Your project is in my queue and is coming up shortly. If I have any questions about your project, I will let you know. I am looking forward to your project!”

The problem with any early response is, if you haven’t looked at the material, you may be missing something important. Nothing worse than acting like you have started only to realize that the client hasn’t even given the work files to you.


Hadn’t considered this angle or even thought of it this way. Thanks so much for your response.


I always send an acknowledgement as soon as I check I’ve got what I need, and I say I will get started as soon as I can.

I drop them a message to say I’ve started and everything’s going well if it’s a longer order duration. It stops them having to ask.


In reference to @landongrace 's comments, I always make a point of checking the material and information provided by the customer as a 1st priority, even if I’m working on something else and won’t be able to start working on his order for a while.

Things can really go south if you let it stew, and on the 11th hour you find out the customer paid less/more than he was supposed to, that what he ordered is not something offered by the gig, or that you can’t complete the job because you are missing some information.

On this last case, missing information, the damage is twofold - first, the timer may run out before you can get an answer from the customer; and second, if you ask something basic after many hours, it will be clear for the customer that you didn’t even take a look at what they submitted. And that is a pretty bad hit on trust and responsiveness, which, in my view, are two major foundations of satisfied customers.


This, this, this. :heart:


In theses instances, I let Buyer knows what number they are in my queue––sometimes their order is 4th or it’s 24th. Giving them an idea of where there order is in on your queue helps them gauge how long till will take do delivery when in the duration time.

Always put yourself in their shoes, some are eager to get things delivered (in an excited way). If time is a factor, keep a ‘Quick Message’ saved for repeat messages from Buyers like these.

Good luck!