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Buyers asking for sample and never return?

Since I join Fiverr, the buyer has always been asking for a sample and most done come back despite the fact they say they love my write-up. How can I tackle this? I need advice from experience seller


Do you mean a sample as in they ask you to write something for them, or a sample as in you show them some of your previous writing?

If it’s the latter, maybe they went with someone else. If it’s the former…I wouldn’t do work before an order in the first place.


Stop writing for free. If they want to see one of your old samples, and you have the permission to show it, fine. If they want you to write them a custom sample, send them a custom offer, and don’t start writing until they pay for it.

If they can get work from you for free, why would they pay you?


if they want a sample, send some your recent work

They want a sample of work I have written, and I don’t keep that because I give my buyer full copyright.
I explained that and they want my buyer blog which I don’t have.

I told her I would create a custom offer for him/her and if she is not satisfied, I will refund her.But the buyer doesn’t listen.

I don’t keep my work, the moment I deliver, I permanently delete it from my computer.

I’d suggest writing a sample piece in the future that you can use in all these cases. This way you don’t have to do extra free work, but you also have a sample already available.

I see that we’re in different niches, so I guess things are slightly different. I tend to write a lot of fiction for clients, so when the buyer asks me for samples I just provide them with some of my personal stories. This way they can judge my style without me having to do extra work.


thanks, friend, I will work on that.


I see. Not a buyer, then, just someone looking for free stuff, and without the intention to actually buy from you.

Maybe they didn’t like the sample of writing they got.

Lol, I had several buyers that say they love my sample and never got bad.Even when I offer them to refund their money if they don’t like my work.

It’s not deleted. Go to where you worked with another client and redownload it.

Thanks for the hint, you just made remember that.

I see a lot of grammatical errors in your writing. There are at least 3 in your profile.

Okay you can point them out, as I am Open to correction

I see too many frankly and also see a lot here in your writing. I say this because if I got a sample of your writing I would give up on the idea of hiring you.

Here is the script that I send when being asked to record a sample:


Unfortunately, I cannot offer free samples. This is because the amount of time it takes to record a sample is equivalent to recording a 100 word voice over. There are many such requests each week, and often buyers will “shop around” by asking a dozen or more VO artists for a free sample. This creates a lot of unpaid time in the studio, as only one person will be selected for the job.

There are varied samples of my work on my gig page which will give you a very good idea of how it will sound. Additional demos can be heard here:

YouTube demos here:

(link here)
SoundCloud demos here:

(link here)

Otherwise, if you still require a sample prior to ordering an entire job, I suggest you select a 100 words from the script and order a basic $10 gig to hear exactly what it will sound like.



I am actually on mobile and The auto correct suck sometimes, if you actually see you could point out, I believe we are all here to learn.

Everything you write is loaded with them; errors of all kinds.

I only say this because you asked why they ask for samples and then disappear.

Someone needs to tell you that your writing is definitely not that of a professional.