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Buyers Asking For Samples, Then Disappear πŸ™„


Hello Fiverrians :family_man_woman_boy:

I am still looking forward to getting my first order, the only challenge I have is this, I get contacted and asked to do a little task or go online and register/sign up on a website with the promise of purchasing my Gig, then the buyer disappears after dropping the message.

It’s so frustrating.

I need all your professional advice on this, so I can start earning a have a more professional experience on the Fiverr Community.

Your opinions are most welcomed :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


I advise you to read this topic and learn what you did wrong here.

Let me know if you didn’t understand.m even after reading the post. :relieved:


its pretty simple, you work only with an order, I wouldn’t send samples also as most of the times turns out that they disappear.


Same think was happened with me. Wishing you a better luck for next time.


what kind of sample you have sent?:rofl: (just for fun).

Do not worry it happens with everyone.Share your gig more and more on social media.You will get more buyer

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Hi @kenjizzle,
If a buyer asks me to give me a sample in the message or even in order page before delivering, I simply just put a watermark with Fiverr logo in my design image or video with 5-10% opacity so that it doesn’t bother my buyer but it helps me to keep my ownership before delivering. And if you have voice over you can put audio watermark saying β€œ”. And if he ask you to remove the watermark you can simply answer it with β€œIts against the fiverr rules and I can only give you the original without the watermark only after you place the order as delivery”. It may help you.


Dear be careful next time and best of luck in future


what? what are you talking about?

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Nice Tip :+1:



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I meant buyers disappears after sampling so next time don,t offer samples before bulk order.



Good suggestion.

Best Regards.


Why are you telling me this? I am not the OP, atleast see before commenting. :rage:


Okay noted please don,t mind


I have faced similar situation !
In my case, what I did was - shared a snap shot of work or an image, not the actual file.
So this way, you are actually displaying your work outlook, not the core data. :grinning:


Its a good way but I think not the best. Because in case of me, I work in motion graphics and I have to deliver video or sequences of motions by snapping which will be a time consuming. So, I deliver video with watermark of fiverr logo in 5-10% opacity which keep my ownership. And in case of logo, if the snapshot is high quality and the buyer is clever enough he can easily image-trace the logo to get the vector file and get the original logo. So, I will suggest to use watermark. Thank you.