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Buyers asking you to translate scams

I recently sometimes get buyers which ask me to translate something. That’s fine, I like to help people. One of the main reasons why I joined Fiverr is not because I want to make a lot of money, but because I can help people with services and get some money back. Maybe some of you are just like me also ‘altruistic’ sellers.

When I get product descriptions, blog articles etc. I have no problem translating them.

The line between what I accept and what not is at astrology I think, because in my eyes astrology doesn’t have the intention to harm people, that’s why I translate that too and I got one request for it. What sometimes annoys me though is how people sometimes write scams, often very short ones and they ask you to translate them. If I only want to make money that would be fine, I can get 4 bucks by translating some phrases in like 8 minutes, but the problem is how these people try to harm others with these products and ask you to cooperate in it. That they do this, fine, most people aren’t dumb enough anyway to fall for it, although I worry about mentally disabled people which can be tricked by them, the problem is that they ask you to join them in their scam by offering their “product” in more languages. The risk of people taking it seriously is the main reason why I don’t help them, if everyone would ignore it anyway I wouldn’t have problems probably because it doesn’t get used anyway, which means that the guy/girl which wants to harm others only loses money. I also don’t translate them because I don’t know if mentally disabled people will actually believe the scam. If you want I can show you one or two of these scams which I received.

What do you think about this?