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Buyers asks for premium work in the placed order


Hey i am new to Fiverr almost completed 8 order with 5 star review . my question is that if a seller completes its work and buyer is sending revisions again and again ask for premium work in that budget then fiverr also support the sellers in this regard or not kindly some one explain it briefly


You can cancel the order.


but i did the work it took almost five days and it will also decrease me positive ratings


I t will be better for you to cancel the order if buyer is not satisfied by your work


Before getting the order you should know the buyer very well. If you see that buyer is asking for the genuine revision, then it is okay. But if he is asking for extra work or modification of the requirement then you should cancel the order within first revision. I have faced such situation also.


You are a developer (I am also). You should be crystal clear with the buyer about the function that he needs. These costumed work need long times. We also face bugs and error that takes the half day to solve. So, charge according to it. Don’t devalue your work.


thanks for the info but buyer don’t wants to cancel the order it means that he is satisfied from my work and wants to grab more work in order to make his own reputation great


Cancel order is the right choice if you are facing a bad buyer


that’s the point dear you really got my point now :slightly_smiling_face:


i have customized divi theme according to the layout he provided and yet he is sending notes and notes it is so stresful as you said a developer also face issues and needs alot of time to make changes in it


Use UML techniques to know the requirements. The buyer doesn’t want (or may not) tell you the details. You should make the proper design before you start the work.Until you do this you are not clear. After this always make a proper agreement with the buyer with said design requirements.


Never take order to fix bugs/error otherwise you will pay for other’s fault. I find most of the time that these errors/ bugs occur due to faulty designs and can not be solved.



Many requirements, many trouble. For these kinds of buyer ask the priority of requirements. Then tell them that you will do only first 3 and reject the rest. If they agree then go ahead.


it is his 10 times he is sending notes like this


What was the value of order?


You need to remove the username of the buyer as naming others is not allowed on the forum.


the value of the order was $80


You do the work part by part each page for $20 in seperate order


Ok, listen. Stop working now. Tell Your buyer:


I am very sorry but I have already delivered the full amount of work initially requested. Further work will now need to be included in a separate order once this one completes. Sorry, but I don’t provide unlimited revisions and what you are requesting goes beyond the scope of the original order.

Kind Regards,


This buyer (in my opinion) has no intention of paying you at all. The behavior which they are exhibiting is typical of buyers who exploit new sellers.

Re-deliver the work you have done. Decline any cancellation request from the buyer.

Simple. If you don’t do the above, you will regret it.