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Buyers attempting to entrap you with messages

Not a huge rant. I’m just getting a bit tired of buyers trying to manipulate me into getting FOC extra work in a sneaky way by sending deliberately convoluted messages and custom offer requests.

For example, A buyer asks me how much it will be for 2 x basic explainer videos which I create from a template for $10. I quote $20 as per my basic package. The buyer then replies by saying something like: “Great! So just to confirm, we’ll be getting 2 x explainer videos which show how great our product is and you will be able to add our logo throughout as a watermark?”

Now here I smell a rat, as this message seems to imply that the buyer will be expecting 2 x custom videos. In this case, I clarify exactly what my $10 package involves and that any custom work would be at least $30 per video, (depending on the video length). Then I get a message back saying, "but you just quoted us $20? Why the sudden price jump?

At the moment I am catching most of these, however, it really pees me off when buyers like this try to manipulate me into agreeing to give them extras FOC when it usually becomes painfully obvious that what they are doing is intentional. Also, as a side rant, I especially hate getting into long-running dialogues like this with supposedly ‘top’ buyers. - I mean you would at least expect them to have a little more integrity.