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Hi everyone,
i am new in fiverr. One of my buyer wants me to do his 100$ work in 5$. I refuses him suddenly he booked order on my gig and gave me a bad review. which decrease my rating from 5 to 4.6. I already reported him on fiverr to resolve the issue. Is there any chance fiverr will do it fairly. Before giving a review he text me this “I dont like your agressive personality and how you work for people. I will let this be know on your rating. You should treat people different. I dont need your help have a good night”.
Once he text me this, “you are giving me good customer service this is the reason why i want to hire you”.


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If he made threats towards you, I could see Fiverr maybe going in your favor? But honestly it’s all up in the air. Few times have I seen that, once a review is left, Fiverr does much about it.

Once they ordered through your gig, did you work on the order despite the fact that you initially declined? I would have attempted to cancel, or send in an “order add-on” for the full $100 price. And if he didn’t accept that, would have delivered up to the standards of the gig, and no more. And that’s assuming you can’t get him to cancel…


Thanks your words are a relief for me .
when he ordered me i text him back and tell him you select wrong gig but he didn’t reply and get offline. i am waiting for him when he online.some of my buyers give me tips by ordering and i complete order without delivering any thing. I assumed he gave me 5$ for Consultancy which i gave him in chat.
after 2 days he came and done this to me.

Oh no, you can get in trouble for Delivering less than the full job.

If someone hires you under an insult, immediately refer to CS. Anything else you say to them can just make a bigger mess - tempting though it may be.

CS may well see it that you deserve the bad review for Delivering nothing.

Either try showing all of what happened to CS or simply accept that you did not handle this very well, go read the TOS again and work out how to avoid letting people like this in in the first place.



^100% agree.

One thing I wanted to add for future reference: $5 gigs really aren’t worth it. $10, maybe when you’re starting out and it’s a task you can get done in a half hour, but in my experience, having cheap gigs attract nasty clientele. It can be good to price yourself lower initially to build up a customer base and reviews, but it’s not a good strategy long-term. But no matter your “stage” of growth on Fiverr, I would never even consider going $5.


I have changed the prices of all gigs after this incident.
fiverr forum is very helpful.
Thanks again