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Buyers bad behavior Please report this issue with me


Buyer threaten me to do work and I’m not ready to take his next order because of load which in result he left negative review on is last order to quench his anger of not taking his order

He does not agree to modify the review

What should I do?

I have his msgs in which it clearly shows that he was with bad intentions and forcing me to take his order and on disapproval in next min. he left bad review


Try messaging customer support !

They might be able to help, although after they stressed they will not interfere with feedback or remove it, it is hard to know…


What should I do? I work for him extra in 1st order because of his threats and now cz of not taking his second order he left bad review
We the sellers are not protected? everything is in buyers hand they can do anything they want?


Contact customer support. Explain what happened. Attach a screenshot of the message you got from your client in which he threatened you to leave a bad review.

Customer support will look into it. Good luck!


Dear Kehkishan:

Given that you have 112 reviews and and an overall score of 4.85, the effect of these 2 2-star reviews will hopefully be negligible, but you probably have no choice but to open a ticket with Customer Support and follow their guidance. You need only maintain a 4.7 to retain your Level 2 status.

Thoroughly review the Fiverr Terms of Service and carefully document any evidence to support your position.

If the Buyer threatened you and you are able to prove that allegation, hopefully Customer Support will grant you relief in some fashion. If you can demonstrate the Buyer is abusive, that should indicate a violation of the Fiverr Terms of Service.

Why does the Buyer refer to you as a fellow?

It is somewhat confusing that you’re unable to take new orders because of “load” because you indicate you have a small team. If that has changed, you may need to update your profile text.

I took a quick look at your profile:

Your profile image: No suggestions. Maybe include a shot of the “team”.
Your log line: Maybe “We’re Available 24 hours to help you out”?
Your profile text – note the edits:

I’m a Pharmacist by profession. I have a small team of Writers, Graphic Designers, Video Editors, Social Media Experts, and Photographers presenting Quality and Timely Services aiming for Your Satisfaction. -Kehkishan

All your gigs should have video and 3 images, and so on…

You definitely need to polish the English in your gig descriptions.

Learn from czarekpiast’s example and make a video of yourself talking to the camera. He has presented compelling anecdotal evidence that this approach garners IMMEDIATE RESULTS. Include additional samples in the video!

Good luck,

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Be sure to make use of Tools like the Fiverr Blog, Fiverr Academy, and Fiverrcast.

I suggest you check out Fiverrcast episode 08: Working Through Language Barriers.

If you take the time to earn your Autobiographer Badge, particularly adding a link to your Fiverr profile, other forum participants will be able to easily view your information.

As a general rule, when I have time to participate in the Fiverr Forum and I notice a request like yours in the “Improve My Gig” section, I am willing and able to look at a Seller’s Profile and one gig one time.

I can give you a better level of assistance if you first work your way through the checklist below. That way, I won’t waste your one turn by advising you to follow items on the checklist.



Thank you

I have the small team but occupied and as viewing first experience with him how can I take his second order? I do reply 24/7 and take orders but this is not the way that someone threatens me to work with him
I have also mentioned in my msgs that his task is not to align to my subjects. But the continuous msgs and threats?

He use to call me “dude” and I don’t know why
And he left 1 reviews but 2 reviews are appearing?


Dear Kehkishan:

No point posting them in the Forum.

I suggest you contact Support at or whatever works for your location.

Here’s what I see:

It may be 1 review duplicated. You’ll have to contact Support to find out.

Good luck,


Please do not post attachments that show the buyer’s name.
Your posts have been flagged.
For future references please make sure to blur out the name before sharing screenshots with the forum community.
Thanks for understanding.


Ok @annai80
I ll be careful


He place only 1 order but I don’t know how he put 2 reviews


Dear Kehkishan:

Sometimes Support responds more slowly than we Sellers would like, but they should get back to you within 24 hours.

Unfortunately, all anyone in the Forum can do is offer you moral support.

Your only hope for relief is via Support.

If you haven’t heard from them in 72* hours, contact them again.

This too shall pass.

Good luck,

*corrected based on Moderator feedback


thank you so much

Yes, I’m waiting for their msg.


Dear Kehkishan:

It does not necessarily mean that he posted 2 reviews.

Fiverr is a notoriously glitchy platform.

From what I can tell, your 4.85 score includes his 1 or 2 reviews.

The bottom line, this incident should not really be detrimental to your standing on Fiverr.

I suggest you learn what you can from this and move on.

Good luck,


Maybe I 'll leave this platform because of this

This is so unfair to absorb


Dear Kehkishan:

I suggest you man up, dude. :wink:

You should just get some rest.

You’ll feel better in the morning…


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I don’t know what to do and what not to :frowning:


I have had a similar experience with a client before. The bad rating was removed by Customer Support after I sent them a screenshot of the conversation. Although they removed the feedback, it did not change the rating on the overall system. However, I am comfortable with that as I have a very strong rating and a single bad rating does not affect you overall. I even included screenshots where this person tried to cause issues for me elsewhere on the internet, and included that in the screenshots I sent to Customer Support. Even the other internet platforms removed this person’s comments after I proved that I had done nothing wrong and he was trying to blackmail me into providing a service that I was not prepared to provide. Don’t let this trouble you - report it to Customer Support and even if they do not respond, reply to the bad rating with your own review and say something like:

“I am sorry that I could not accept your new gig request due to the short delivery time you required and that it caused you to adjust this rating that you previously rated as a 5 star experience”.


Kehkishan, this sucks of course. But just look at that (probably doubled by a glitch, as Blaise pointed out, so I’ll talk of 1 review) review… ‘how long that seller needed to write half a page’. Anyone who has more than a handful of braincells will know immediately that this review is nonsense (people like your reviewer of course might care about that review and not order from you - hey, great! Good riddance.).
CS should see that too. Take it up with them with all screenshots that prove your point of a ‘revenge review’, and most obviously the very least they’ll do is remove the glitchy duplicate review. There must be a Murphy’s Law to the effect that such glitch will only affect a bad review. :wink:
In any case, you’ve worked hard to get where you are on fiverr, you really want to give that up because of someone like that? Don’t give people like that power over you.
The reaction of CS again may or may not be a reason to overthink one’s engagement on fiverr, but don’t make any decisions without knowing their reaction, nor be depressed, no reason for that at all because of a person like that. Let it glide off of you, remember that you and most people you deal with aren’t like that.


The guy is reselling your work, instead of arguing with him you should simply contact support to cancel the order on your behalf. Reviews can no longer be removed even after mutual cancellation, so I suggest you also slap him with your own negative review maybe a 1 star.


@miiila one thing more It was not a half page but the complete 2 topics (The background, thesis statement, advantages, introduction) - 3pages min.
and I have evidence of first order that I delivered him in promised time
First, he give me wrong instruction after delivering order he corrected himself and sent new instruction under same order and I rewrite without arguing