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Buyers Bad review becuse he wanted somthing extra for free

What if a buyer gives a bad review if i didn’t want to do extra work for free


You can ask the customer to review their rating and see if they’ll change it. If no change, you can contact CS and provide them anything showing the customer was in the wrong. If nothing from them, then you have to take it and put the best response you can to the negative review.


You can cancel your work.
Such buyers are bad buyers.

A positive review is your business portfolio.
Do not let the buyer toying with you

Cancelling won’t remove a review.

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I hate these kind of people…They have no hearts… I’ve found so many…

Just write what you feel under his or her review…or ask the customer team to remove that for you.


If the review is already created.
It can not be deleted.

If the service has not been marked as complete.
Order can still be canceled

The OP hasn’t had a bad review, so I presume it’s a threat of a bad review.

From here:

Remember that you’re protected during your communications with buyers. If a buyer uses inappropriate language, makes any threats, or asks you to violate the Terms of Service, you have the option to report that buyer.

Solution - if a buyer threatens you please report them.