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Buyers be like

OMG! I absolutely LOVE your work! You totally rocked it!!!

Buyer’s Official Review: Nice.

My tip for buyers - if you like the work, properly review the work! An honest, enthusiastic review will do wonders for the seller. Show your appreciation and help him/her get more orders.


Hahaha I know exactly what you’re saying!! They all send me private messages like “Thank you so much, you’re so gorgeous! Great work, this was a thousand times better than I expected, best $5 I ever spent!” Public review: “Thank.”

Exactly! They need to switch it around.

I think part of the problem is the idiotic multi-star survey that Fiverr asks Buyers upon delivery confirmation. Instead of giving real feedback they are just copy and pasting what they “think” is good feedback from the survey questions or an auto-bot is filling this in just like the “Thumbs Up” comments.

On two separate Gigs/Buyers that I delivered in one day or less when my delivery time is normally Seven days I received this feedback:

"Delivered in a timely manner!"


"Delivered as promised in a timely manner!"

These Fiverr delivery surveys either need to go or at least use language that prompts more positive commentary from the Buyers.

arrg I keep getting the same thing except they tip and don’t leave a review at all. My tip jar looks like it has 1 purchase but in reality I have over $100 from it…

When I first started I was nervous about asking for good reviews and tips. Now I’m kind of shameless. When I deliver, I paste a line that says:

"I try to do my best on every project, whether you’ve paid $5 or $500. If you like my work, please press the thumbs up and write a quick note to let others know why they should hire me. If you REALLY liked my work, I’m always happy to accept a tip."

For the most part it really works. I have a lot of great reviews. Some people just don’t like to express themselves publicly. That’s why the private notes outweigh the public review sometimes.

Design is not the narrow application of formal skills, it is a way of thinking.

Reply to @darrendesign: I guess you would know. Your last name is Design after all.

I had one customer write a whole essay about how she loved what I had made for her, then on the official review, she gave me a thumbs down with the following "good job"

I’ve had it worse than you! :slight_smile: (Maybe not…!)

Haha! Yeah, sometimes they hit the wrong button. I had a negative on my banner ad gig for about a week that was a thumbs down with the note: "Perfect! Will be back."

I sent her a message and she changed the review.

Reply to @jtengle: Yea :slight_smile: I like your way of thinking in design I just watch your portfolio and it’s pretty well you can check me out if you want we can help each other when the work is too many what you say?

my gig’s link

Just wait until you have someone who says those nice things…then asks for things now offered and leaves a thumbs down LOL

Reply to @anarchofighter: Yeah, that would REALLY bug me. I’m guessing it happened to you?

So far I’ve reduced what I offer, so past customers feel like they got a better deal.

Reply to @kjblynx: Just about my vision of design that it’s more than a skills

jtengle said: Reply to @anarchofighter: Yeah, that would REALLY bug me. I'm guessing it happened to you?

So far I've reduced what I offer, so past customers feel like they got a better deal.

Opps, Typo, I meant to say things NOT offered LOL

Reply to @anarchofighter: That’s annoying too. I don’t understand the thought process of some people.

I think that buyers don’t fully understand that chatting with you and leaving the review after are distinct and unrelated matters. They want to avoid repeating themselves, so the positive review gets a little bit truncated. I don’t mind that, but I hate when buyers don’t leave any reply. It’s like the earth opened and swallowed them :smiley:

Hahaha! I’ve only just seen this thread.

This has happened to me on so many occasions. I even ask buyers to leave a written review for me to prevent it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to prevent the problem as they send their review as a message; “DELIVERED AHEAD OF SCHEDULE, TO AN AMAZING QUALITY, AND HE’S SO FRIENDLY!”, then leave a ‘thumbs up’ review.

Thank you, Jtengle, for making my day!

I agree. I hate reading boring feedback like good! great! A review should say why it is good or bad.

Haha this is so true everyone loves how fast I can fix their webpages and computers but they just say Thanks. on reviews!