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Buyers behave like robots

It is with great sadness that I report that some buyers are now behaving like robots. They just come and order and leave without answering any kind of question and even if any kind of requisition is needed they cannot be found.

Again, just order delivery arrives a few moments earlier to saw for delivery or get lost again with revision.

In such a situation our sellers has to face a very bad situation. In the absence of perfect requirements, sometimes we have to face a stage like order cancellation.on.

What is the means to escape from this? Do you agree with me
Finally, I would like to say that there are some buyers who are responsible, but I have to face this problem with most of the buyers lately. So I shared my personal opinion.

Thanks everyone. Talk to you soon.


Out of curiosity, when people order from you, did you include a requirement to describe what they want and make it mandatory for them to fill out that field?

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I include a requirement and also set it mandatory, They just sent a message with some details and then they type “NAME OR SOMETHING” and place order with half details !example

All your gigs are 5€ budget, so it obviously attracts the bad buyers

That’s intentional and seems possibly malicious.

The order might be from a competitor or from one of these Facebook groups who try to game the platform with fake orders/reviews. The buyer didn’t submit relevant requirements, so they either expect you to request a cancellation or to not deliver on the order, both resulting in harming the seller’s account.

Contact CS about this situation and be ready to immediately block this “buyer” once the order is cancelled.


I’m with enunciator on this one.

Contact CS, this is very strange. They may cancel the order without affecting your rates if they see that atrocity that was done to you. I’m having nightmares with the Kash Poa, Kash Poa, Kash Poa, answers to the requirements now :tired_face:


OMG, I am very nervous at this point!

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Thanks for your suggestion!

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