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Buyer's Behaviuor

Most of the buyers are new to fiverr. They don’t know about how much five stars (reviews and rating) meant to us.

Mostly Buyer were so much happy even gave tip but gave one or two star less.
when i asked reason, most of them don’t know about the rating etc.
Is there any way to change the stars.

or how we ask them to give maximum stars if they are fully happy with the quality of work?

Is That any way to ask fiverr management to review their policy to change their rating system?

Really thankful
hope to see valuable suggestions form you


I don’t if there’s way to change rating And I understand new buyers don’t know what reviews means to us but plz don’t ask them for a five star reviews
You might be asking for a review just because the buyer is new but you may get banned for this

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You’re not supposed to talk to buyers about reviews at all. If you do, you risk an account warning.


You don’t. Unless you want an account warning, or to get banned from Fiverr permanently.



Don’t kid yourself…Buyers know full well what reviews are.

They get at least one prompt following the completion of a job from Fiverr reminding them to leave a review (if they wish).

There is NO OBLIGATION to give a review.

Today I just completed Job #862 (that’s over 5 years here) and only 76% of those jobs have reviews.

I received 2 reviews out of the last 6 jobs I completed.

Don’t get caught up in the thought process that you NEED reviews to be a successful freelancer.

Really helpful. Thank you so much :heart:

Really helpful. I will be careful now. Thank you so much :heart:

Thank you so much :heart:. Your reply really answered my all doubts.