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Buyers being a mess

Well, i’ve had some clients order from me, without sending a private message, and their orders were a mess, that could’ve led to a negative review, it happens a lot, they come order and be like, i want something like this but not like this but a little bit like this… you all know what i mean, a messy order with not enough information and with so much useless blah blah that doesn’t help you even to understand the idea you need to work on :sweat_smile: what do you guys do when such things happen ?

I raise my prices until I no longer get orders without messages first. And then I carefully vet my clients, and if they are a mess, I say no.


the problem here is that, one or two negative reviews might throw your gig to the last pages, and one dispute could get you falsly banned or something, i think fiverr should review the sellers rights on the platform, i mean we’re not getting any at this point.

That’s precisely why I don’t take that kind of client. If anyone orders without messaging first, I cancel. And that’s why I raised my prices up to a point where I don’t get people ordering without contacting first.