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Buyers Being Dishonest With Dealings


i know that must times the buyers are being protected by having an option of asking for cancellation, in my opinion most of the gigs offered for sale are worth much more than $5 so there should be some kind of protection for sellers too, imaging delivering a gig worth over $30 elsewhere for $5 and buyer turns round and asks for a refund and still get to keep products received. its not fair to some of use sellers.

or what do you guys think?


I have a solution for myself for it, now for my website and software testing gig, I don’t really care, but my other gig, well, yes, I ask lot more money for it. And what I do, I have created a delivery platform where they can test the result of their purchase without them having it physically, I have been burned before and therefore was forced to take this route. So not after they have marked it as completed themselves, don’t they have the product physically, and once, only once, was it cancelled after delivery.

So, if Fiverr can develop a delivery platform, to protect the seller, that would be great.


I just hope admin does take note of some the suggestions here though.