***Buyers Beware*** 3+ million Facebook / Twitter followers Social Marketing Gig is a Scam


The seller sent me a proof of work based on a photoshopped ■■■■■■ analytics screenshot. I am no idiot and work for multiple years in SEO. I use GoSquared for tracking my traffic in combination with Google Analytics. The seller is offering multipple Gigs and I was stupid enough to buy 2 of his Giggs in the past 2 days since I want maximum exposure for my new website. My Tracking tools didnt show any Tweets or Referal traffic from Facebook towards my Website, and I had in total 570 Unique Visitors today (Organic, less than yesterday), while the seller was providing proof for 1.5k Unique visitors deliered.

Buyers beware, and track your traffic during the time a Social Marketing Gig lasts.


If you have multiple experience in SEO, why would you purchase a seo gig?


Social Marketing is not the same as SEO, I can generate backlinks and create an OnSite structure, even write the SEO articles myself. But in order to generate so called “Buzz” I need exposure, and social marketing is offering this, especially on such a large audience promissed.


Thank you. That is the reason why I wait so long to decide what SEO gig I should purchase.


Like said, dont mix those 2 :slight_smile: SEO is the art of getting a higher organic ranking in search engines (well, google is 95% of the traffic), Social Marketing is bringing massive exposure in a short time period. The benefits of social marketing are:

  1. A bunch of visitors at once (14k visitors for me a few days ago on a newly created website)
  2. A bunch of organic backlinks generated by people caught by your content.

    And if you consider buying SEO gigs, feel free to contact me I will gladly help you decide, and give you some free advice what might be helpfull and what will be harmfull.


Reply to @elvismalkic: Thank you.


thank you for great advise.


Thank you. That is the reason why I wait so long to decide what SEO gig I should purchase.


Of 3 recent traffic gigs I purchased, 1 is a definate scam, 1 is 90% likely to be a scam, and the best 1 is only 65% likely to be a scam. Fiverr is a cesspool when it comes to marketers.

Or, like Volody; I should be far more discerning with where I spend my money. $5 doesn’t seem like much until you’ve wasted $15 on scigs (scam gigs).