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Buyers Beware! I Have Been Scammed!

I purchased a service that was never completed. The $25 charge was refunded (May 11, 15) and applied as a fiverr credit. What they (fiverr) don’t tell you is you cannot use the funds for other jobs unless they are $25. So fiverr has been holding my money for well over a year.

So a year+ later I came back. I had forgotten about how fiverr was keeping my $25 and how I felt scammed. I went to purchase a $65 logo design and found out that I cannot apply my credit. Then the memory of how I was scammed before came back.

Here is my response to the potential developer.
“Thank you for being patient. I am learning that I cannot use a fiverr credit of $25 for this purchase. I am upset with fiverr and refuse to make another purchase using their platform. I feel that fiverr has scammed me.
I’m truly sorry and hope I did not waste too much of your time.”

I work customer service, I had also forgotten why I tell people to not use fiverr. I just politely say “I have not had good experiences with them”. Now that I remember I can be specific with the 50+ people I talk to per day.

As I read through these forums the sellers seem to feel they are not getting a fair deal but here is an example where the buyers are being taken for their money by fiverr.

It is an annoying tic of Fiverr’s system but it is easy enough to get around it.
Ask your seller if they are willing to take the money in two parts, one $25 order and the balance of $40 to be paid by a custom extra (they will know what that is) within 24 hours. I have done it myself for a client and it is not an issue.

  • In this type situation you need to contact customer support and they surly help you , you should have proff of screenshot . and once you prove it they surly help you in this type of matter . As fiver policy is more good for buyer that can give you 1st priority and 2nd priority is for seller .

Pro Tip : Read fiverr policy before you place order , if required more then 2 time ! understand well and then you can get a best quality service in fiverr without compromise via gigs though good seller.

  • About Working With Seller : Yes there is new option called custom offer , you need to use that before place order , that is sellers feature so you just need to ask seller that they can send you custom offer and you are good to go !

Hope this helps !

Valid work around, I appreciate the suggestion. Here is my issue.

My initial job was declined by the seller (May 2015). Now the new seller has to break up the purchase in two invoices.

Why should fiverr make two additional fees from me? Surely you understand how, from a buyers perspective, this is a scam.

If I only lose on the initial job … okay. But I lose again on a new purchase? That makes me want to say keep the $25, dinner is on me.

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We can do this on just one order , using custom offer function . Seller can use it and buyer can make a offer to accept . :smile_cat:

You won’t be charged processing fees for money that is in your Fiverr account so the initial $25 will not have those fees, the additional $40 will have processing fees as normal.


Yes, but it needs to be done as I suggested above.

  • it’s all depend on how you work with seller . If you not compatible with 2 different orders then just simply ask to seller about 1 custom offer and you get everything on 1 time ( One Way ) . However you both party need to agree on deal . ( Not just chat deal , you should need to make perfect deal that is un-hidden work deal. ) That way you can save $ fees. After all gigs are different but seller is same. you can discuss about this . There is no problem if your seller don’t have any problem to accept everything in 1 order.

  • About Invoices : Invoices come when you use same service from start again and again ! So avoid to using from start and discussed everything about this to seller and if required to discuss this with customer support don’t hesitate ! and ask seller for custom order for all your work if seller don’t have problem . Explain why you can not send 2 different orders due to fees to seller and customer support. ofcource it’s take time to solve but once you solved you need to keep this thing in mind and it’s help you to work with sellers in feature !

Pro Tip : Read fiverr policy , terms and conditions more then 3 time and understand it , however it’s take your some time but it’s very useful for buy / sell in fiverr . Work professionally / Hire only great talents . Don’t go for rating , Go for great work. Hope this helps :smile:

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You don’t seem to understand the problem this buyer has so it would be better not to try to answer it.
The issue requires them to do what I said in my first comment. It is the only way I know of to solve it and what you are suggesting will not work in this situation.


Thank you both for the replies on how to remedy the situation. I will be sure to update the thread on the direction I decide to go.
@mdchavda3131 Thank you for the details on how to get the best out of fiverr. I’ll be sure to follow your suggestions.
@eoinfinnegan Thank you for advising on how to avoid double fees from fiverr.


No Problem ! , Pleasure to help you :smile:

Here is one other tip that I don’t think was mentioned. If this credit was a one time issue, alternatives were (and may still be:

I don’t think there has been any attempt to scam you, but I’m sorry you’ve had a rough go Thanks!

I, too, feel I’m being scammed by Fiverr. I have a $13 credit and customer support told me I could click a button
marked Pay Pal and that would send those funds to my pay pal account. The button does not send the confirmation email that they say it will. Fiverr says my email provider is stopping the email from coming and
that it’s not their problem.

Gmail allows all emails from fiverr sellers and fiverr ads to reach me. In addition, the two other payment
options on the same page as the Pay Pal button option DO WORK and send me the confirmation email…so
my email provider is not the problem.

I wrote back and sent a screen shot proving this and the customer support person just repeated what the
previous guy said and blamed my email provider. They show no concern and put zero effort into solving my problem.

I wonder what government body regulates thieves like Fiverr? The state attorney general? The FTC?

The last cs rep marked my ticket as resolved. Proves that my issue really does not matter to them.
I feel sure if it was their problem, they’d work on it until it was truly resolved.

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Yeah Fiverr does seem a bit skiddish. I was working with a guy for weeks on a logo. When he was finally done I thought it was an awesome looking logo. But my screen printer ask for the original vector file. When I went back to the designer and ask for the original Vector file he would save the file as a vector file type but when you open the file in Photoshop or Illustrator the file is still not editable. So after going back and forth in trying to get the right file I came to the conclusion my Fiverr seller probably doesn’t have the file. I googled my image and sure enough another company which is probably debunk now in England had the same logo as my “original artwork”. Extremely disappointed!!! Yeah I got a credit but the collateral damage goes beyond the credit. I would say stick with people you know with Verifiable References. Someone in your hometown or someone with actual business unless you like rolling the dice. Oh BTW Fiverr shutdown his account but guess what he created a new account and probably still doing the same thing.