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Buyers beware of black hat seo sellers who advertise high quality pr backlinks

I am a writer by trade; I ghost blog, write web content, articles etc. I am not in the SEO business and have ended up learning more than my share.

I bought a few services like this, most recently I bought a “1000 forum backlink with 500 bonus” package from a seller that had about 100 positive reviews and not one negative review. Of course I thought “this guy must be great” however, it’s been nothing but a headache. He ended up sending me a report for 1043 forum backlinks and as I looked through them, I noticed that he was recycling and re-using forums. There weren’t 1043 unique websites as he advertised and they were very low quality, garbage sites. He registered for dozens of user accounts for each forum (a huge no-no that will get me flagged" and then inserted my url into the profile page under “website”. It wasn’t in a thread as I thought (but that wasn’t even an issue), nor was it in the signature (still not important).

Not one of those 1043 links were related to my niche at all (as advertised in his ad). The sites were all over the place and not one was related to my niche. WHICH, as we all know, makes them garbage links and it doesn’t matter how natural he says they were, because they’re not niche related, google will figure it out and either flag my site or penalize me. I complained to him and his reply was “you can remove your review and I will refund you” and my reply was “remove my site from those forums and I will remove my negative review”. He instead tried to bully me into removing my review.

He thinks he can bully me into removing my review and I wonder how many times he has done this. The other two sellers pulled the same thing. “Oh you’re going to ruin my business on fiverr, I’m so sorry, please remove the neg review” and both times I did, this time, I was livid. I learned my lesson, I’m never buying a service like this again. Fiverr will see my url and his report and they will see that he’s selling black hat garbage.

My advice to you folks is to check your reports. And don’t be bullied into removing a negative review because you’re not helping the rest of us by doing a poor seller any favors. Don’t use forums to spam, make the effort to interact with the community and build up your profile, use them to your advantage and never to the detriment of the forum.


You aren’t going to get anything other than garbage links for $5.00 when you are buying them in the thousands. (or even more than 5 or so)

Amen to that! So very true, I learned the hard way, they do more damage. It’s almost like paying 5 bucks to destroy your own website.

I’m glad you learned your lesson caseynyc and I hope no lasting harm was done, but when I see posts like this it makes me think of a burglar breaking his leg breaking into a house and then successfully suing the homeowner.

Anything here that sells for a tiny fraction of the cost it sells for elsewhere isn’t going to be good - or in many cases, legal. Good luck in the future.

This really grates me. So because you didn’t understand what you were buying, and you didn’t bother messaging the seller to confirm, the blame then falls onto the seller? How is it his fault, if he delivered exactly as described? It’s not his fault you don’t understand the Seo game, it’s not his fault you expect the highest quality links for a $5 order without bothering to clarify what you were ordering.

It’s buyers like you that make me want to leave fiverr. You’ve clearly said you’ve done this before. Next time why not actually research what you’re buying before ruining someone’s business here on fiverr.

Reply to @itsyourthing:

When it comes to purchasing thousands of links, followers, etc I can agree it is going to be garbage. However, I would not go as far as to say that anything that sells for a tiny fraction of the cost of regular rates outside of here is going to be bad. I have purchased some design work and a press release from here and it was amazing. If I would have went elsewhere I would have spent $100’s on both services yet instead I was able to get the work done here for $5 and no complaints. There have been times where I have purchased gigs and basically “got what I paid for” too. But, the bottom line is most people offer services that sell for more outside of here and they still provide customers with the same quality service that they would provide any other higher paying client.

victoria91 said: However, I would not go as far as to say that anything that sells for a tiny fraction of the cost of regular rates outside of here is going to be bad. I have purchased some design work and a press release from here and it was amazing. If I would have went elsewhere I would have spent $100's on both services yet instead I was able to get the work done here for $5 and no complaints

You're right victoria, I shouldn't have said "anything". There are some very good gigs to be had here - and many satisfied customers. But even with the good gigs there can be more to it than meets the eye.

I'll use logo design as an example (not because I have anything against the sellers of logo gigs at all, it's just a convenient example.) High quality logo design is more than some text and maybe a clip art graphic. It can take weeks (months or years if you listen to the insanely high-priced designers) to thoroughly research the competition and service/trademarked existing logos, checking out the target demographics, sourcing a commercial font (so it can be used legally), outsourcing or creating an original graphic or illustration, consideration of (and often times very time consuming communication convincing of the client) whether that overly-Photoshop-filtered text that they saw in someone else's logo is going to reproduce well scaled to different sizes or published in different media, etc.. I'm not saying that it isn't possible to get a quality logo cheaply or that there aren't people who are not only competent and have the benefit of having a lower cost of living, I'm just saying that the general rule here is that for five dollars, a buyer will most likely end up with something that was spit out of logo software, looks like a million and one other logos, has limited use and may even get them in legal trouble down the road.

Let me stress that yes, there are good, professional gigs to be had here, but "Buyer Beware" should be the mantra of every buyer who uses this service. Then again, a good many buyers don't care about the quality (or lack thereof) behind their purchase.

Flyby, what are you referring to? I knew exactly what I was buying! His ad said that the links would be related to my niche, out of 1043 links NOT ONE was related to my niche. Google does not look upon this kindly. This is the kind of stuff that gets sites penalized. He said “high quality” “niche related” neither of which was true or delivered. Yes, I learned my lesson, I’d rather pay $5 bucks for 5 good sources, if I ever had it to do over again. “Buyers like you” you mean the kind that expect your advertisement and promise to match the final result?

Thanks itsyourthing and vitoria for your input, both have valid points. I definitely learned my lesson, I’ve purchased several other gigs that were awesome. I guess when you have one bad experience, it throws you off. I now know what is NOT worth buying or worth the risk, no more SEO for me. :wink: I’ll stick with nearly any other gig with pleasure.

Flyby, I saw your page and you actually offer a legitimate service that I wish I had seen when I was looking for it. Your service would have been worth it and you’re definitely a seller that I would look into in the future.

caseynyc said: I now know what is NOT worth buying or worth the risk
That counts for a lot here! ;)

Your forum posts were most likely posted with Sick Submitter or a bot driven tool that automatically creates forum profiles and then posts to them.

Any high PR forum or ones that get good traffic will have measures to circumvent these types of posting bots. The ones that don’t are usually abandoned, low or 0 PR forums that have no active moderators. Absolutely useless.

However, these types of gigs thrive here at Fiverr because people see 100’s or 1000’s for $5 and go for it.

The same thing is happening in the Facebook Like arena too and I warn about it in my gigs. There are bots out there that create fictitious accounts and post to them in a matter of minutes. The gigs lie and advertise REAL likes but people order these gigs anyway.

I lost all my honest business to scams like this here.

Keep in mind -

If it sounds to good to be true - it probably is.

You get want you pay for.

Caveat emptor - Buyer beware.


Someone did link building on my website, 40000 links in one day, my google webmaster updated the kinks and most of them are spammy or porn sites, My traffic referring site show fiverr on top so I am guessing a competitor of mine did this horrible job using fiverr, this is not a reply but a question, is there any way to find out who did this unethical job and who placed the order on fiverr

waiting for any useful reply

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If you’re guessing, you have no proof?

No - even if it were ordered on Fiverr, for which you have no proof, privacy rules would come into play, both for the Fiverr buyer and seller.

Sorry it’s not a useful reply! :sunny:

Yes i have no proof


I had wondered about people doing this to sabotage websites. I’m so sorry this happened to you!

I’m not sure how fiverr is referring traffic to your site. That would mean there is a link to your site on fiverr.

If someone sent a link to their site through messages, the seller might be clicking through from there which would show as a referral.

As others have said it isn’t possible to find out who did it.
I suggest using tools to discover the links created/discovered in the past few days and then disavowing them in WMT. If you do it relatively soon, the links won’t have any effect on you.