Buyers Beware of Fiverr Terms of Service & Paypal


Everyone please note if you intend using Paypal for protection of your payment and delivery of your work. Which is a key benefit promoted to utilising Paypal, that Fiverr shall block your account if you attempt to protect your payment. This is a curious tactic as this is a right of any consumer under laws of trade.

As an avid Fiverr user and promoter of the benefits , i am greatly disappointed that this is a policy of Fiverr. Has anyone else had issues with delivery of work and release of payments to sellers with unfinished work ? This is extrapolated by the fact that there is limited opportunity to contact Fiverr, otherthan via customer support , no call contact and no direct contact , place of business etc


It is perfectly reasonable that Fiverr should block your account should you break their ToS by going outside of their stated method of resolution.

Fiverr does not release payment to sellers until 14 days after an order is marked as complete. An order can only be marked complete by a buyer or if a buyer does not request a modification within 3 days of the delivery. It is advisable to always check what has been delivered and if it is not as agreed then a modification should be requested with a clear communication of the issue. It can then be discussed with the seller and a resolution sought.


thanks for your bias opinion… so as a buyer I have no right to use Paypal as it is intended ? The work isnt completed and yet the funds have been released


Our funds (over $1000) isnt secure with Fiverr but it is with Paypal , Fiverr removes this security of payment for what reason ?


Here is the thing, if you actually took the time to try and sort things out in fiverr you would not get blocked. Paypal should always be the last option.
1.Contact the seller and see if you can work things out
2.Contact support if you can’t work with the buyer.
If both don’t work and you still think you have the right to get your money back then you can go ahead and involve paypal… The reason you would be blocked is because people actually try to cheat the system. Go to paypal and say package was never delivered when in the real sense you had ordered a service and not a tangible product.


How is my opinion biased?
Fiverr lay out the rules of using the site, the method for ordering etc and you didn’t follow the rules, what do you expect to happen? To be allowed continue using the site while breaking the rules?
The funds could only have been released by your acceptance of the order or your inaction when the order was delivered - there is no other way.

You can get your account reinstated by cancelling the Paypal dispute and then proceeding to engage with the seller and/or Customer support.


Receiving 4 screenshots for an "operational website " and waiting four days for a reply is sufficient. No response from Fiverr , hence coming to the forum… but hey I should just wait for Fiverr to manage the issue with no contact ?! Ok the advise is appreciated ?


This wasn’t for you. It was for the seller.


6 days passed and no reply from Fiverr…


Change your tone then you will get the reply within 24 hours. Fiverr is here to help everyone but if you misbehave or break their ToS, of course they wouldn’t even bother to reply you. I know you’re in bad mood, your problem is not resolving… just use my way once. Update your current active ticket. normally tweet your case id to Fiverr. They will respond you ASAP.
Note that some cases need extra time to investigate but at the end, i am sure your query will be resolve ASAP.


Have you submitted more than 1 support ticket? Because sometimes due to a multiple number of active tickets, your account may get penalized for spam. Try deactivating all of the tickets except for one.
I hope it solves your problem!


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