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Buyers beware! Shopify store admin info changed by vindictive Seller!


My earlier post has been flagged therefore I am posting again, because I want potential users to know what has happened, so they don’t experience a similar thing.

Good day to you all management and staff at fiverr. This is a copy of the complaint filed to fiverr without the emailed snapshots of what the Seller did.

I would like to make a formal complaint about a particular seller.
I just cancelled an order I had taken out with the seller, based on how the work was done.

I then contacted the seller and explained to him respectfully why I was cancelling the order without bothering to have him do any revisions, and it was all based on timing, and not wanting to risk having to go over job again.

I just received an email from shopify that the account information for my store has been changed, and now I can’t login to my store, I tried to go through customer support but I was unable authenticate my store’s URL, it looks like he has deleted my store or changed the url.

This seller needs to be removed from the platform immediately! He clearly lacks morals and integrity
for someone offering a public service. Is that what you do when someone doesn’t approve of the job you did?

Please get him off the platform! I wasn’t even going to give him a bad review, I was just going to move on and do the job myself, and not have to worry about having to spend time again doing corrections. I’ve had work done here before that I wasn’t pleased with, still I didn’t leave any negative reviews to tarnish the Seller’s reputation, I just moved on. I have emails that I received earlier showing the changes he made to my account. Please remove him from the platform.

Potential buyers be careful with your personal information. Change your passwords, login info, etc. after any job that requires you to allow anyone inside your website/webstore. Just a heads up so you don’t suffer the same thing that I did. Be safe.


I make shopify stores for people on Fiverr also. I can see it from both sides though. The seller probably spent a lot of time and effort on the shop and you cancel the order and keep the work he’s done without paying. But obviously that doesn’t give him the right to take your store from you. I’ve had people do it to me, so from now on I just say that I’m creating the store from my own account and when it’s complete and they’re happy I transfer it over to them.

Was it your domain to begin with or did your seller purchase it for you? and was it your store to begin with but you gave him access?

I’m confused to how he can stop you from gaining access to it if you’re the store owner.


Hi. The domain was mine, I just added it to shopify. In regards to the work he did. I was reviewing the work and every single item that he did, I had to make corrections to. whether it was a poor product title, item placed in the wrong collection, not using the correct amount of images I asked for, wrong tags etc. An example; a wooden watch with stainless steel, and other none related tags

I just asked him to assist in editing the product titles of two collections and add them to their proper collections, and keep 4-5 thumbs of the item, that’s all. I imported the items myself, he didn’t have to make any descriptions or anything,

I can’t see it from his side, he’s completely wrong and I explained to him why I was cancelling the order and wasn’t even going to leave a negative feedback, because I understand it’s a way to earn some money, and I would never want to stop that. It has before here, as I stated in the message, and the Seller and I agreed to cancel with no issues. He’s just flat out wrong.


No one would pay for a job they have to practically do over. That’s giving away money.


He has changed the admin email and password.


You can’t change the store owners log in information.


try log in with your domain


Sounds to me he’s just changed your domain. After hearing the full story you’re right. Didn’t realise it was your store to begin with and he was just making modifications.


That’s the second thing I tried. He changed the email and password… I received the emails from shopify informing me about the changes.

I tried to access shopify chat and couldn’t, because I have to fill in the admin email and password, then input the store url which at the time was
nothing worked because of the changes he made. I was building the shop myself, the domain and everything was mine.


Wow, I’m really sorry to hear that man. I’ve no idea how he’s managed to do it. He must of got your password somehow.


I’m currently making a watch website for client right now - password is (bobo). Is there anyway I can help?


I gave him the admin password and email to do the title modifications. My earlier post was flagged because I included his name, the discussions we had, and placed snapshots of the emails from shopify detailing the changes he made after.

I’ve sent them an email about the situation, but I have not heard from them as yet.

I want to know if I have to sign up again or I can get back control of the store I was working on.

I did not fully connect the domain as yet, In fact you can view the original site I had made before moving over to shopify here;


You’ll need to get in contact with Shopify in the hope they can resolve it. Was a lot of work done on it? At least you still have the domain if you need to start over.

In the future if you get someone to work on your store, never give away your login information. Just add the seller as a staff account.

Is the current website built with WordPress?


If you need hand rebuilding the new website drop me a message. I’ll help you out as best I can free of charge.