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Buyer's blackmailing

what the hell is this a serious issue a buyer send me a pic and want to do the same then he get the stuff and agree that is what he want exactly then he left poor ratings i requested him if you want any modification or any thing i’ll do it the he say if you do some other projects free for me then i’ll up your ratings what should i can do for this


Report them to CS.


thank you soo much dear


I will give you a pro tip, never, I mean never use the word “dear”. Usually, people don’t like it. :wink:


thanks but mine question is buyer provide me a pic and want exact the same thing then he agreed with the design that is 100% perfect after that i said him still you want any thing i’ll provide him any change any modification
then he leave a poor rating with nice review when i asked him he say if you do some other projects in free for me then i’ll up your ratings what is this all nonsense he take exactly what he want then leave a poor rating and asked me for more free projects

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what can i do now fiverr should ban these type of buyers

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Fiverr won’t know it’s happened unless you report it to CS. :wink:


how can i send them screen shot

how can i send them screen shot

Just ask them to look at the messages - there’s no need to screenshot - they can see everything once you point them in the right direction.

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i have send them request that buyers is blackmailing me please solve this issue

can you help me please

No, I’m afraid I can’t - only CS can.

I’m sure they’ll get back to you soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

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as i send the request to fiverr cs then they reply me it is againts our policies we cannot remove feedback and if again you do this to remove feedback it can effect your account what is this

i have the message and this is totally useless platform for i have wasted soo much time and money but this just break mine heart

It would depend on what you said to the buyer about the feedback they’d left.

It’s better not to mention feedbacks/reviews in any message to a buyer otherwise it can be seen as feedback manipulation.

buyer’s harassing me and they wont see that and warn me instead of buyer’s behavior its better to quit from this platform soo much dissapointment i have the screen shot of all of this conversation but all in vain

i dont know what to say but why they cant see that they have access to everything just because i’m not agree to give free service to buyers çoz he say if you give me then i’ll up your ratings thats how buyers do harass to the sellers ánd fiverr support them totally illegal