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Buyers blaming me for getting their gig removed

Hello, please someone help me. I have a gig where I help other buyers that are not well versed in the english language, I proofread, edit and better structure their gig descriptions to be more attractive to buyers. One of my clients just contacted me saying his gig was removed, and he holds me responsible.
Are my services somehow in violation of the ToS? Even if that was the case, I do not see how fiverr could know I helped him write his description, after all he inputs it all himself.
The edits were nothing in my opinion notable, I fixed all his errors and prompted him to use highlights and bold text properly. Also offered him my honest opinion regarding his gig image, which was quite ugly, had text in 5 different colors with stroke and shadows, really quite unreadable so I told him to change it to something simpler.

I told him to contact customer support and ask them what happened before throwing accusations. I also explained to him I merely reworded his description and that his gig was most likely removed because the services he offers probably in some way violate the ToS, though he says I’m somehow responsible.

What should I do?

What kind of service were they offering?
Fiverr are clamping down on some services at the moment. It is also possible that the image they changed it to was copied or any number of other things. Unless they can pinpoint something you did that caused it then I wouldnt worry about it though.

His gig was related to “improving sales on amazon”. Stuff like correct categorization, help with marketing etc. Very broad.

There have been a number of people on the forum complaining that their gig with the word “Amazon” was removed after editing it. These were for services that I thought seemed legit. It seems like there is a manual review of edited gigs now or at least of those containing certain words.
As you advised them, they need to speak to CS as this is not your issue.
As you offer a gig editing service, I would suggest that you advise people to check with CS regarding their gig titles and description before editing them.

I also thought of that. I told him perhaps his services violated the rules, and the reason they have been only now removed is because the edit triggered a manual review.

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I agree with you. He’s just mad he got caught. He can really only market like that if he can get under the radar. Oh well.

With stealth technologies, you don’t need to go under the radar anymore.