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Buyers budgets only $2

HI, Everyone

Recently one buyer contact me and he says can you complete my work and my budgets $2 how to deal with this type of buyer, I say minimum package starts $5.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Tell him to read Fiverr TOS, it’s clearly said there that minimum price is 5$ + he still will need to pay 2.5$ processing fee.

I would advice not to work with clients like that.


Why would you want to work with someone who thinks you are only worth $2? You aren’t, no matter what the scope of work is and what the objectives are. Move on. When you fulfill requests like this, you’re guaranteeing yourself a career of making peanuts. It will only encourage people to go as cheap as they can.

It has to be $5 or in $5 increments, anyway. Read the terms of service.


@humanissocial very well said. There are a few buyers who intend to get the work done even for free!

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Unfortunately, yes! So it’s important that we protect ourselves from those predatory prospects, on top of working at a rate that reflects our value and time.


Can someone even order a gig with $2?

Politely inform your buyer what the price of your work would be, as well as what, exactly, they’d get for that price.

Either that, or just tell them that you’re not a good match for their needs.


I would tell them I’m sorry but I can’t help them. …and hope they don’t message me again.

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No. You can not offer or set price of your gig less than $5 . This is the minimum amount that you can offer and fiverr charge $2 minimum on a order .So buyer have to pay at least $7 to buy a service (Of $5) in fiverr … Hope you got that … :grinning:

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Tell them to go buy a cheap gas station coffee and think about what they are doing with their life.

(Not really, always be polite etc…)


I would charge them $2 just to get a reply from me.


And that would still be generous!

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Minium 5$…

It’s better to not work with such clients they create problems! You can clearly see he even is not aware that 5$ is the minimum amount and still want to get service for almost free.