Buyers bypass add-ons for gig units


I would like to suggest that Fiverr allow a seller to have a different delivery time designated when buyers purchase multiple gig units of an express gig instead of add-ons.

Add-ons allow sellers to add more time to finish a larger job which is very reasonable.

It seems pointless to allow me to designate more time with an add-on when some buyers will just bypass add-ons altogether by just purchasing multiple gig units.

I set up most of my gigs to pay me more and allow me more time when the job becomes bigger and more complex, and it doesn’t seem right to force me to deliver larger jobs in a 24 hour period when they’ve quadrupled the workload or more and not asked prior if this was ok.

I am not saying this to be mean or rude to any buyers, but I do think it would be fair to change the way the system works a little when buyers purchase many gig units at once which bypasses my carefully thought out amount of time that I want to complete bigger jobs.

If a customer buys multiple gig units for a job, I would like an additional day for each one of those gig units.

I don’t want to be forced to work this way without say since I am doing the work and I’d ask Fiverr to take this into consideration.

Just to clarify, I am not angry, but it is frustrating. This is not any of my regular buyers, but it does happen once in a while.

It is particularly difficult with script writing.

I don’t mind it with my voiceover gigs because the jobs are usually straight forward, but it puts too much pressure on me with my script writing gigs. Script writing takes more time to get right and the customer more often wants changes.

I want to have the right to make this decision as the seller and to have buyers bypass the add-ons for a large job to receive 24 hour delivery discourages me from wanting to continue this particular type of gig. I’m good at this job, and since I’m doing the hard work, I would like to be able to state the terms for me to do it, not rather have the delivery time dictated to me.

24 hours I want to exclusively be if they buy “1” gig unit.

Seriously, why not make it so that unless I agree beforehand through correspondence, I want an extra day per gig unit ordered.

Again, I have purposefully structured my add-ons so as to have enough time for all the steps involved delivering this kind of script writing project, and it winds up A)paying me less than I would like for the job stated and B)forcing me to work in the same short 24 hour timeframe whether I like it or not.

I would rather have an add-on to get paid a bonus to deliver these bigger jobs in a 24 hour time frame.

What good is an add-on when buyers can just bypass conditions that I am happy with and set for myself?

Allow the seller to determine the delivery time frame if someone wants a bigger job than is promised in the 1 single express gig unit.

Generally speaking, I would like the ability to disable purchasing multiple gig units if I would never agree to a job of a certain size in the first place.

I would appreciate others who agree saying so here.

Lastly, it’s not something I feel comfortable addressing because there’s always that threat of a “negative” review looming.

Fiverr, please take what I’ve said into consideration and structure the system so that the buyer cannot bypass add-ons to take advantage of the seller.

It’s different with different types of gigs, but with some it makes perfect sense that if they order multiple gig units, I should be able to designate more time per gig unit to get the job done, just like I do with add-ons.

I don’t expect any such change to come immediately, but I hope this is the norm eventually.

Please consider this change.


I consider $5 gigs a “loss leader” and depending on the gig type, I don’t always want to have multiples of the same loss for the same rate.

I bend over backwards to over deliver a top notch professional product, so it only seems fair to me that it’s me who states the delivery time terms for the type of job people are asking for.

Again, this is not the same for all types of jobs, but it’s certainly what I want with my script writing gigs.

I am just saying and I am not trying to offend anyone buyer in particular.


Hey! At least you’re workin’!!!


@kiffinyjean - nonetheless, I respectfully reiterate my same point for the myriad of reasons stated.