Buyers can get free stufff by deactivating their accounts?


Guys, I am very disappointed at Fiverr’s team and their policies now, to be honest. I have been working here for almost two years and love this environment except for this one.

I have experienced two cases in which the orders are canceled due to a stupid fact that buyers deactivated their account. First time (1st case) this happened, I contacted Fiverr’s supporting team, they said the account was no longer available, no choice. I accepted. Then yesterday, another completed order is canceled too due to the same reason (this order has been marked completed almost 14 days). That was so shocking. I lost money from a job done weeks ago? This 2nd case reminded me of what happened last time (1st case), I went check that buyer’s account and his account is reactivated now. So what do you guys think? Asking Fiverr’s team and receiving a very irrelevant explanation. Now I am waiting for the buyer from the 2nd case to go reactivate her account. LOL how easy to get free stufff from Fiverr. Be carefull sellers!


I’m sorry this happened to you! Fiverr needs to figure out a way to hold people accountable. I never heard of this loophole. It’s ridiculous for people to do stuff like this when they’re already receiving work at extremely low rates… Unfortunate how many dishonest people are on here :frowning:


I am extremely disappointed :frowning: Even more disappointed with what Fiverr team said. Very irresponsible!


If the account was disabled, it might be a Paypal chargeback. Not sure how they reactivated it though.


These are probably Paypal chargebacks. The user’s account is automatically deactivated when they do a chargeback. Somehow the second one had his account reactivated so you should send a message to CS letting them know that since he is back on fiverr you should receive payment from him, unless CS found that there was a problem with the order.