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Buyers can get free work cancelling after delivery?

Man, I have been here for more than a year but had never seen it.

I mean, buyers can really scam sellers and the whole platform simply by buying, receiving a delivery and then cancelling the order because they “ordered by mistake”?

To add insult to injury, in my case the order was already marked as complete!



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Call it a loophole.

Another trick sneaky Buyers will use is request a sample or request to review work before it is submitted for completion and they can claim it’s not to their liking and cancel.

You just have to be careful.


Hi ,

Sorry for your loss, yes buyer can cancel the order any time by contacting the support or by chargeback from bank etc.
what you can do it to open a support ticket with support team and provide them evidence of work you have and they will compensate you.

This is completely wrong. I know the story of the sample, that is why I never ever send anything before the complete delivery if I don’t trust my buyer.

But cancellation after delivery? What the fudge? It really makes no sense. Or at least it makes no sense CS would straight allow it without even checking the order or asking the seller.


Oh man! It happened to me also but if it’s a chargeback Fiverr will compensate for the order if you are eligible by mean eligible You did your part as a seller then Fiverr got your back!

I don’t make the rules…lol

All I know is I’ve NEVER had it happen to me in the five years I’ve been on Fiverr.

But I ALWAYS expect it as a possibility with a new Buyer.

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Yes, sadly, I’ve probably lost over $1200 to scammers since 2014.

The good news is that I am no longer accepting big projects, so if I do lose a project, it’s only $5 to $10.


Sad how that goes, eh?

We end up turning down some big jobs “just in case” but it’s a wise move.


Best not to give your samples of work before delivery. I never do that, and if I am doing a large project and the buyer wants to see my work, I send screenshots. I only sent as a delivery.

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I had to deal with a scam one time. The Buyer ordered an article and tacked on the extra fast delivery add-on. Within 18 hours they were barking at me about where their order was and how they had paid for the extra fast delivery (which was for 24 hours, mind). Luckily, I was already done and was already in the process of submitting. Surprise, surprise, an hour later they put in a cancellation stating it wasn’t what they asked for and their boss wasn’t happy with the article. After several days of them requesting cancellations and me rejecting by stating I was happy to redo the order as they did have a revision included with their order, CS cancelled the order. Throughout the whole process I had sent CS messages with evidence of my work and screenshots of our conversations (Buyer was using Inbox chat instead of Order chat). I was furious but about a couple of weeks later I received my payment and an acknowledgement that I wasn’t at fault.

I don’t know how it typically goes with most of these cases but I thought I’d share my own experience which turned out positive in the end.


Yes, It’s very sad matter for a seller. After completing the work, buyer can cancel it. It just don’t lose our credit, It also effects on our account badly. :cry:

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nothing to do brother

There is not “nothing to do”

This is a worry but there will always be one or two scummy scrapers. It is up to us how we manage them overall by how we manage ourselves as individual sellers and as a group of sellers.

The less they have the opportunity, the less we see of them. Those types are lazy. My neighobr kept having her cigarettes stolen by a local boy (of 18 sigh). If the cigarettes weren’t left in her back courtyard the kid would not have kept coming back. They did however solve that problem very well in the end: someone waited for the kid to come over the fence and we held him until the Police came and took him away. The whole area got to know that we were not a soft target and no more sneaking slime.

What we must do as Sellers is to protect ourselves, not with mops and rude words (altho they do have their place). We need to:

  • Remove all mention of many or infinite revisions
  • Remove all mention of satisfaction guarantees
  • Remove all mention of money back
  • Remove all offers of doing lots of work for very little money. If the local person makes this thing for $500 our price must never be $5, $15, $25, $50 or even $150 for this thing.
  • Make sure that the work that we do is actually good work, not what we can get away with, like using bots to do what should be skilled work as that is a lie in itself.
  • Say No, when Red Flags of any kind appear. People who ask for more than they deserve or are willing to pay for. Things that no real-world provider would ever accept like ghost-writing a 30,000 word book in 3 days for $15, offensive language, threats, condescending tone…

Otherwise, we merely encourage the lazy and stupid to be in our lives. If all Sellers simply didn’t apply for all those vile BR, or people who show up expecting a real Ferrari for $5 at 2:00 AM they would be gone in a few months as the lazy would leave to find places they were less challenged.



Hey there,

As a buyer, not a seller, I too feel that you deserve some measure of protection against fraudulent purchasers. I am an artist, though I do not work on fiverr, however, I do come here to find and hire the amazing talent on this website. I understand the pressures of working a bit ambiguously through the internet, and how frustrating it can be when attempting to create something with a description shared through text only. When scammers come along and do this to you, it can create a less than stellar environment for those of us who legitimately pay for your services and appreciate your talent.

I have seen several points brought up throughout this forum about trouble buyers. Being someone who considers himself to be not just an artist but a responsible purchaser I would leave you with this advice:

  1. Though the idea of Fiverr is to make, what would otherwise be unaffordable services, more affordable to the general public, don’t be afraid to charge what is fair to you (skill, education, time, effort, technology costs, etc…), and what can be effective within your market. Value is both within the eye of the creator and the eye of the buyer, but if you don’t feel like you aren’t getting a realistic reward for your work, take a look at your prices and time restraints. Charge what you are worth, you deserve it!

  2. I have read a lot of posts discussing the fact that many of you, wanting to do what you feel is right for your customer, take on services for free, rather than charging them. I highly recommend you DON’T do that. Art is work! Don’t devaluate your contribution, you deserve honest pay for honest work.

  3. You are needed, you are valued, and for the small number of scammers and those you could never make happy there are MANY more like me, who truly appreciate you, your hard work, and your amazing talent.

Thank you for being here on Fiverr, and for making your work available to those like me, who need it!


I’ve had it recently. He himself wasn’t a scammer because he had the business badge but he was working on behalf of another client. After spending 6 hours working on his voiceover he cancelled because his client didn’t like the way I pronounced ONE WORD. CS cancelled, he got refunded and his client still had a perfectly good VO, and my stats went down. “In this case we can’t offer to help you with your completion rate.”

I wanted a little more support than that considering my overall performance and seller level, but that’s how it is here. We’re not part of a small, close team. We’re just profiles and the energy spent stressing out and being angry about things like this is just harmful to ourselves.

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I wouldn’t take too much notice of the business badge any more. It’s free for a year to anyone who applies for it.
I’ve had a stream of ‘business’ buyers who are either resellers or low-quality buyers over the past month that all seem fully emboldened by their new shiny badge.

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Good to know. I assumed the badges needed to be earned like ours :smiley:

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That would be nice :rofl:

No, it’s even less of an entry barrier than VID or Top Buyer, which I think is granted after spending a very low amount of money.

Every badged person I have ever had come to me has been way worse than average, hence why I refer to them as Top Scavengers and Venally Inferior Doofuses.

In every case they have demanded free work and be insufferably arrogant and condescending from the start.

How do you get and maintain a badge for being a great buyer when you aren’t even here to buy anything?

Badges smadges is a polite way of handling that.


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