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Buyers can make their own Custom Orders now?


So… Is this on everyone’s page now? I was doing some lurking for an illustrator and saw that I could make my own custom order?! As a seller I find this absolutely terrifying. :scream:

My heart can’t take this kind of stress. :heart:


I have that as well.


@madyr9228 It has to do with this setting from your gigs page, which has been there for a long time:

You can just disable that option, and that button will disappear from your profile page :wink:


Don’t worry, what it does is sends you a message with a REQUEST for a custom OFFER (not an actual order).
You can then send a custom offer with what they have asked for at whatever price you deem correct although if the price is substantially different to what they requested, it might be a good idea to explain why/what is involved.
Below is what I received from @annai80 as she sent me a request. Clicking on create an offer brings up the custom offer stuff as normal. I think it is handy in that it makes the buyer be more specific with details.

Needless to say, I turned down Anja’s request because $5 is not enough for that level of headache.


Never mind EOIN :rage: I found an awesome team of Doers who will glady take on my project.

Jokes aside. It’s the same feature with a few more extra perks.


Ok! @Woofy31 @eoinfinnegan @annai80

Thankyou so much for explaining that. I guess I’d just never noticed the button before. That makes way more sense now as I have seen a few messages like that recently. :sweat_smile:

What would I do without the Forum Family. :yellow_heart: :heart: :yellow_heart: