Buyers can request modifications but sellers don't have the option to reject jobs


A buyer of mine recently “rejected” a delivery of mine…which I didn’t even know was possible. He just wanted a few modifications, which I was happy to make, but it got me thinking…why do buyers have the ability to reject deliveries but sellers don’t have the option to reject orders? As a writer, I get a lot of people on this website that want me to do their homework for them (which is illegal…) or copy someone else’s content “in my own words” (again…illegal). Cancellations affect our level status, don’t they? So I have to risk losing my level status (and revenue) if I don’t want/am morally opposed to a job, but buyers can “reject” my work, even if all they want are a few changes? I don’t see how that’s fair.


@hellocharlie fiverr will never do that but I’ve already signed a petition from you on the cancellations.


I hate to sound cynical, but The Customer is not only King on Fiverr, they are gods. Fiverr wants its 20% and the sellers have to deal with whatever it takes for them to get it and keep it.

shrug That’s the way it is and that’s going to be the way it stays. Is it short-sighted? Yeah, but the quick buck that sticks is Fiverr’s goal – if sellers do okay in spite of it, well, that’s just an unexpected bonus.


Yea as a writer, theres nothing u can do. U have to either revise or refund the buyer.


Reply to @articlemachine: I’m totally fine doing the revisions. When I deliver my work, I make sure to add a note that says I’m happy to make any changes the buyer sees fit…it’s the fact that I have to cancel inappropriate requests. A buyer can reject my work, but I can’t reject an order without risking my level status? Like crcanny said, I guess the buyer is king.


Reply to @crcanny Well this sounds like a “which came first the chicken or the egg” the buyer is important because they bring the money but, on the other hand if the sellers get frustrated they stop offering gigs so the buyers have nothing to spend on. I think its about half and half overall.

Yes I agree I should be able to reject a job since request modifications are allowed. Just because some buyers don’t understand the gig before ordering. I don’t mind making a few modifications. Many buyers of mine love my work but, just ask for 1 or 2 small changes. On the other hand I had 1 buyer who got irate with me. He responded by bashing my work and skill and basically said I had to refund him or he would leave negative feedback. I offered to make revisions for him and his response was that my work was terrible and no number of revision would suit him. You will meet all kinds.


I think we need to make petition to give us a rejection gig or to give the buyer just one modification after which he could not reject or cancel the order.

That would be fair game, good for both sides, not just for buyers.


I think that Fiverr is very aware of this issue and the strife it is causing their sellers. There just isn’t an easy/perfect fix for the issue. It would be great if we had a reject button like buyers do, but it would complicate the purchasing process.


I recently had similar situation. I delivered order, buyer said it is great and that he like it a lot. It was marked as cancelled 9 days latter. Customer service told me there it is due to alerts from security department.

They say: "This is part of the service we provide to maintain a safe environment for our users. We appreciate your understanding."

No, I don’t understand. Where is safe environment for seller here? That way all of our deliveries can be canalled that way, once they are delivered. Right?

Sven Fila


This is a disheartening issue. I believe I may have to take down my hand drawn gig because people are starting to reject the work and redrawing portions or the entire thing has taken a huge dent in my time. No questions asked. I’ve been able to make sales at an hourly rate but this option to reject work gives the customer WAY too much power over my time.

What is to stop customers from coming in and purchasing ten different illustrations from ten different artists all for the same thing and then rejecting all but the one they prefer?


I agree we should be able to reject orders. Sometimes people try to order more than what we are offering or they order something totally irrelevant altogether. Thankfully, I have a lot of regular buyers so when I do have to cancel and order it does not take too much of a hit to my cancellation ratio. Currently, I think I am at around 4%.


Reply to @crgargan: It’s not exactly “if the sellers get frustrated they stop offering gigs” simply because sellers are way more motivated to put up with whatever’s thrown on them as they’re the ones needing the money.

A buyer might order a Gig to have stones arranged in a pattern just for the heck of it; a seller might be doing it to feed his or her family.

The crux of all the labor laws is practically protection o the employee as (s)he’s more prone to abuse. And here, we practically have none of that. Sad but true. :frowning:


You make good points. That’s why I ask some customers to message me first so we can make sure we are on the same page. It really depends on the gig!


Whoa, hold on. Getting to the original post, the buyer did not “reject” the order. The buyer requested a modification. Unfortunately, when the seller is made aware of this, the system says that the order was “rejected”, when in fact all that happened is that the buyer requested a modification. From the buyer’s point of view, it tells the buyer that the status of the order is “rejected” by the SELLER, even though all that happened was that the buyer requested a modification that hasn’t been done yet.

I was talking to someone about this on another thread. It’s that ugly “rejected” word that’s the problem.

Now, if you have people canceling orders to get something for free, that’s a whole other bag o’ worms.


This was in my early days of really working just through Fiverr, and it was the first time I’d ever gotten that email in my inbox and it was indeed that word “rejected,” that peeved me off. In this case, he did just want a small modification (I think it was the color of the text or something ridiculously small), but since then, there have been plenty of people that do use that button to legitimately reject a delivery, to just say, "No. This isn’t what I wanted and if you had read my mind, you would have known that."

The point is that buyers still have more power than we do, namely–they can place an order, without reading the gig description, without sending the seller a message, without anything, and then if we don’t want to or cannot do the order, we run the risk of racking up our cancellation ratio. Even people who order “by accident” often just let the cancellation play through, instead of accepting it mutually.

There are also buyers that claim that I have to be willing to make modifications to my deliveries, because that button exists. Currently, I don’t offer free revisions, but a buyer recently rejected an order because he changed his mind about some of the instructions. When I explained my revision policy to him (stated in my gig description, which he did not read), he told me that I have to make revisions because that button exists.

In truth, the real point of this post was that it felt, at that time, and still now, that buyers have undue power over us and the status of our orders. I see why this button is necessary, but I think there should be a way for us to say “No” to orders that are outside of our purview or ethical code, just like buyers can say “No” to a delivery.


Wow, I’m just now seeing that this is from last year. Sorry!

What’s with all the grave digging going on lately? I keep finding posts that people are commenting on that were started at least a year ago. Guess I’ll have to keep a closer eye out.


Reply to @emasonwrites:

I totally hear you! It was the most aggravating thing about working through Fiverr. (I just closed my gigs out a couple months ago.) I had one guy that would NOT accept a mutual cancellation because he INSISTED that I could do something in Movie Maker that I just did not have the option for (I made book trailers). It was literally impossible for me to fulfill his request. I explained this to him multiple times and kept trying for a mutual cancellation (this was when they still counted against the seller). He kept refusing, and at one point he let me know with a very thinly veiled threat that he knew how to rate sellers that couldn’t follow “simple directions”.

I had to get CS to intervene and delete the whole mess. Thankfully, I never heard from the guy again. But yeah, it’s like buyers keep getting more and more power, and there’s nothing sellers can do about it.

I also had a LOT of orders try to come through that I wouldn’t do because they weren’t something I cared to represent. For example, I didn’t do romance of any kind, just because there’s a lot of grey area. It’s too easy to cross over to the “dark side”. I didn’t want my name/account associated with that type of thing. But one day someone ordered a book trailer from me that wasn’t a romance, and said they’d tell all their friends what a good job I did, and that they should buy from me.

The buyer was true to their word, and over the course of the next several days, I was inundated with orders. But. They were all “romance” (not the clean kind), and many of them crossed over into the fantasy realm. I was…not happy, to say the least. I had been “nice” in my gig description when explaining the types of books I wouldn’t represent, but I finally had to put NO ROMANCE in big, bold letters. I hated to do that, because I knew it would put off a lot of people that thought they had romance books, but in reality didn’t have the kind I wouldn’t represent. And since a lot of people won’t contact the seller before ordering, I knew I’d lose a lot of potential customers.

But I had to curb this trend. Then I had to cancel all those orders. OUCH. This still was before mutual cancellations didn’t count against the seller. I complained a LOT to CS about this. It’s not fair when buyers don’t follow directions or contact the seller first, and then the seller gets punished when they have to cancel an order because of it. I think I even posted on the forums about it.

Anyway. Yeah, buyers have WAY too much power. Especially with the star system. Boy, am I glad I got out of THAT before it took hold. Yowza.


Reply to @goodgift: No sorry needed! I think the reason has to do with that there has been a slew of people complaining about users starting new threads when a thread about a topic already exists–users have been telling other users to use the search function instead of opening a new thread, so people are pulling up old threads…not anything wrong with that…unless the info in the old thread is no longer relevant, because of how often Fiverr changes stuff (not this thread, obviously, but other ones).

And I get what you mean, especially about having to be very direct in the gig description. I’ve had to put “no homework assignments” in big, bold type, which feels obtrusive and puts buyers off, even who aren’t looking for someone to do their homework.


Reply to @emasonwrites:

Ohmgosh, yes, I had an editing gig also, and I had to put “I will NOT do your homework” in big, bold type as well. Like you, I felt that was a turnoff for buyers. But I got sick of people sending me things that were obviously homework. Some tried to hide the fact, but many just said, “My teacher wants us to do this,” along with whatever it is they needed. Got a lot of non-English speaking people doing this. I told them the homework is there for them to learn it by doing it, not just to skate by the class with stolen work.

I feel like shaking a fist, darn it! LOL


Can a limit on delivery modification be created PLEASE! I over deliver every time in terms of delivering early and doing added extras, then some buyers repeatedly request modifications where they ask for extra things but its is still in the same order I delivered and I really feel I am being taken advantage of at the expense of a late delivery even though the buyers say they are delighted with my work, but can I just do this and that and the other over and over.