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Buyers can scam on Fiverr

Fiverr support to the buyer so that buyer can scam.
The buyer can cancel an order after delivery.
When the buyer requests the Fiverr support team to cancel an order, the Fiverr support team cancel the order with out comparing the requirements of the client and the order delivered.
Fiverr has not enough educated staff who can do that, they work like robots, just listen to buyers and ignore sellers.
If anybody knows how to complain against Fiverr. Kindly inform me.
I worked hard to make software, I ignore many other orders while making the software but when I deliver, Then Fiverr cancel the order.
I will fight till death, I will change this system.

I contact Fiverr support but, they have not authority to do something, they just argue…

Kindly let me how to contact Fiverr’s CEO?


Blockquote I will fight till death, I will change this system… Hum… No.


Have you experienced it like that?

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You offer a 100% Full Money-Back guarantee.

This is Fiverr, not 15th century Europe.


I think most of us here have experienced doing work and having it cancelled either immediately after it was delivered, a few weeks later or even MONTHS later - and, more often than not, those funds and that work are not compensated by Fiverr. Often, it can be due to fraud or the buyer does a charge back on their payment method.

Can you still see this buyer’s profile? Are they still a member of the site?

While it may seem noble you want to “fight to the death” and “change the system” here at Fiverr, you will probably just become frustrated with banging your head against a brick wall.

What type of work did you do?

I just saw the screen grab from @kometbeats where you offer 100% FULL money back guarantee. You shot yourself in the foot there, and I would suggest you remove that from your listing ASAP. That sort of blurb on a listing is just an invitation to scammers, users and masochists.



HAHAHA, this video, you killed me :rofl:
I mean, 100% money back guarantee, what is this, it’s like if he planned that everything was going wrong.
No offense sorry but it made me laugh so hard. :rofl:


Did you experience like that?
I develope software according to exact need of my client but… Fiverr give to buyer give me nothing
100% money back if I cannot fullfill requirements


Fiverr is not capable to check that eiher seller’s work is fullfilling the requirements or not?
Fiverr just gives favor to buyer

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Ok, but, that isn’t what your Gig says. It says, “100% Money Back Guarantee”. There is no legal mumbo jumbo or * leading to some small print telling buyers why you may not honor your 100% Money Back Guarantee. All the buyer sees is “100% Money Back Guarantee”. So, you are at fault for putting that in your listing, and as I said before, you should do yourself a big favor and REMOVE it promptly, unless, you like people ripping you off.

You have no idea why Fiverr sided with the buyer - heck, the buyer may have just did a charge back on their payment method - you didn’t bother to answer whether this buyer is still on the platform - are they? If you cannot find their listing, they probably did a charge back and have been banned from the site.

Have you contacted customer service and in a rational manner asked them what occurred with this buyer?



First, it would have been nice that you explain the situation and conversations with your buyer (in censoring his name if you take screenshot), because, first, ok, I don’t speak english perfectly neither, but I can notice a lack of english from what you wrote, are you sure that you understood everything that buyer asked you ?
Maybe you are questionable.

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I developed a software which convert PDF to Image directly from URL.
If I fails to fullfill the requirements the buyer deserve his money back.
But ,My software does the job perfactly

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Customer service is like an automated program, just arguments.
They are not capable to check IT-related projects, They are non-IT persons.
Waste of time.

Kindly inform me if you know how to case against Fiverr. I will do any thing
I want justice.

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Look, I see that you are not a native speaker and sometimes it’s tough to communicate in English however even right now you didn’t answer any questions that people asked you in this topic to try to clarify your situation and see if we can help you.

You already repeated the same thing 3-5 times and if that’s how you communicated with CS then I’m not surprised that your case is not moving anywhere.


Client requirements:
I want to convert PDF to JPG.

Here are the details.

1.PDF comes from a particular URL Ex.

  1. Using Javascript its should be converted in JPG.

  2. Then It should be shown in the IMG SRC tag. Like: <img src=“a.jpg”

My Solution
He sent me PDF link

Thank you for your response.
Did you experience this situation?

I did and fiverr did reimburse me.

However my situation wouldn’t help yours because even smallest details matter and you didn’t really share much for us to make a story out of it.


Let me know which type of information you want?

Anyway, we are just sellers and members from fiverr community, we are not fiverr support, we can’t do anything about it.
But you probably did something wrong if your buyer decided to cancel order.

That was really unfair. But what can we do. We have to more conscious about fake buyers.