Buyers cancel order


How many order cancel in one month ?
Please anyone tell me.
2 buyer already cancel my order this month even i work too hard but he said I don’t like. 3rd buyer also said to cancel order :frowning:


Really sad about that .You need improve your skills @mimegraphic


Sure. But i ask about how many order cancel in one month according to fiverr Terms and conditions.


You need to develop your skill. I hope next time You completed order


@mimegraphic I’m sure the cancellations have nothing to do with needing to develop your skills - seems a strange thing for other posters to mention really when you haven’t said what the reasons for cancellation were. Your reviews are excellent BTW! :slightly_smiling_face:

There isn’t any sort of fixed number, but every cancellation counts against your completed stats.

Maybe have a word with CS and ask them how to respond to these cancellation requests as it may just be that buyers are deliberately employing you to do their work, and then cancelling to get it for nothing.


Thank you . I too much work on project with loyalty and deliver on time but something happening with me now a days.


Work on deliver but buyer are so rude with me I don’t know why.


I agree with @offlinehelpers; I do not know why other posters would say “you need to improve your skills.” Unless they have placed orders from you and were not happy with the work, you gave them. :thinking:. We have had a plethora of posts on the Forum about shady :dark_sunglasses: buyers doing cancellations and chargebacks. So that is more than likely the reason.

This link may explain how cancellation stats are figured.


Another post related to cancellation the orders.


Yes, really critical situation :sleepy:


Reason : buyer discuss all things about order when I send order he said Looks Good need few changes . When I deliver modified file he did not reply direct cancel the order. I said him please give me chance i will do better.
But he cancelled.


he just wanted a freebie. I have had 3 of those myself. Still dealing with one at the moment. They tend to prey on new sellers more.

Look on the brighter side, negative review could have been worse.


Why did you agree to the cancellation if you did the work. Simply say no.


If I did not cancel , he left me a negative feedback.


Either may be he ask to CS for cancellation or refund back. Fiverr support buyers only


You’re going to have to get used to negative feedback. It happens. It’s part of being a Fiverr seller. If you keep cancelling orders to avoid the chance that you might get a negative review, then you’ll never get paid. Learn to accept the good with the bad, otherwise, you are probably going to fail as a seller here on Fiverr.


Yes, you are right. But if I did no accept for cancellation. Might be possible he is going to CS for cancellation or refund back.