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Buyers cancel orders after they have been delivered and accepted


hello there, I am sure this must have been discussed before. I have been a fiverr seller for a few years, but lately this keeps happening: I deliver a gig, the buyer claims to be super happy about it, then 2 weeks later I receive a notification saying the order has been mutually cancelled and I won’t receive payment! every time I contacted customer service, in some cases they have refunded me and in other cases they just tell me the buyer scammed them too and they also don’t get the fee. I always like fiverr because I have a guarantee of being paid, and this is why I didn’t mind leaving 20% to them, at least this guarantee that I get paid, but now this happens more and more often. How is it that it is so easy for buyers to just get the payment back? can’t fiverr do anything about it? it seems like a big issue because this means that potentially any buyer can get free gigs.


It’s been discussed a lot, try “PayPal chargeback” in the forum search bar to find relevant and some very interesting threads about this issue, including some where sellers got the money, or part of it, back.

It seems to be case-by-case basis but maybe you can find something helpful in those threads.


I will have a look then, thank you!