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Buyers canceling after the delivery


I am on Fiverr since one month ago and I already have 2 buyers that are sending me their comments and at a certain point I am sending them a read-only version of the whole delivery so they can review it and give me a last feedback.

Then I have no feedback and when I am delivering (because of the time limit) they are asking me to cancel the order.

So I am doing the work without being paid… Is there a way to avoid this kind of buyers? Do the buyers have a rating, so we can see if they are serious?

Thank you

If you’re sending the delivery for feedback then you don’t have to actually deliver it.
When they are good with it then you can hit the deliver button and send the final delivery.
They might be offended or something that you delivered a read-only version.


I am sending the readonly version for the review and when I am delivering (with the Deliver Now button) I am sending the editable version.
Should I proceed differently ?

Thank you

You should use a watermark.

Good idea. I will try it next time.
Thank you !

Are the buyers clear that you are only giving them a read-only version and that you will give them the final one after they say, yes, this is fine or give you changes?

Send them watermarked and tell them that after they will tell you that everything is ok you will send the final files.