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Buyers cancelled on Nov 2nd and re-ordered on Nov-4th

A buyer canceled immediately after sending me the requirements, he admitted that he had changed his mind about the brief. 2 days later he ordered again with a modified brief, the value of the second order was USD 50 less than the first. Is there any other way to manage that?

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I’m sort of confused as to what exactly it is that you are asking?

It’s up to you if u want to work with him or not…U should care about ur rating and orders…Be safe & good luck!

I don’t think there is any other way to reduce the price on existing order. However you might try contacting the CS regarding preventing damage to your stats by a cancelation that isn’t your fault.
There’s no guarantee they would help, but it’s worth a try.

The buyer changed his mind on the brief, I hadn’t started yet so it was not a major practical problem, he cancelled and two days later made another order. I wonder if that could have been handled via the resolution centre.

Yep,You should!

Take Help from Cs

thanks for the clarification. yeah sounds like one of those nice to have things. i don’t have any gigs up at the moment and i’ve never had a sale anyway. so i’m useless to you, it was more that i was unsure of what was being asked, hopefully i didnt waste too much of your time.