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Buyers Cancelling Orders with No Notification from Fiverr

I’ve just had an order cancelled that I delivered over 3 months ago by a buyer despite them saying the delivery was fine at the time.

The buyer has now blocked me so I can’t ask why and Fiverr have just allowed the cancellation without contacting me at all.

It was $640 dollars, so not a small amount and I’m guessing the buyer just needed a bit of extra money for Christmas…

How can Fiverr just allow a cancellation without providing a reason on hearing my side of the story.

I know the copy writing course I’m currently doing doe advise against using Fiverr due to this reason, but I thought it was a myth to try and get people to move away and obviously do the stuff the course’s way, but clearly they’re completely right.

Has anyone else had this experience?

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Sounds like a chargeback.

It is explained here:

Thank you, hopefully I’ll get the money back then. I’ve raised a complaint with Fiverr to look into it urgently.

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