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Buyers can't issues in conversation with me only. "cannot be contacted issue"

Hi Everyone,

I am facing an issue since last many days where a fiverr bug has made it impossible for buyers to contact me. Everytime buyer sends me a message and I start conversation with him, they get to see a message after sometime in the middle of the chat that “neonwebdesign cannot be contacted”. Buyer needs to refresh the page to continue talking to me only to see the same thing happening again after few minutes. As much as 8 buyers have reported the same issue with me with numerous others who haven’t reported but just stopped talking. I have reported it to customer support but they tell me that there is no issue with my account. If that is not an issue with my account, then why

  1. Every new buyer is having issue?
  2. Buyers have confirmed that they are having issues with my conversation only. Why is that?

There seems to be no one answering these questions in customer support. I want to know if anyone else facing the same issue?

It could be a bug. Have you checked what messages you sent at about the time the “cannot be contacted” message appeared for the buyer? Maybe some words or a repeat of words made it think it was spam.

I have checked with buyers and they say that this does happen when they are typing a message. I haven’t used any pre-typed messages to buyers. I am not sure what is causing this issue. I am still wondering why is it only me who is having this issue? I have provided the whole list of buyers who reported the issue but to no avail and reply from CS that this is an issue on buyers’ end

I meant did you check what messages you sent just before the people you were talking to noticed it came up with the “cannot be contacted message”?

If you check the messages you sent just before then (just before the “cannot be contacted” appeared to those you were talking to) there might be something in the messages that could be causing the messages to be flagged in some way.

Thanks for the help. Yes, I checked that just to be sure and all of them are different ones.

One thing is common, it happens when I reply late (20 or 30 minutes)

I don’t know. You could make sure CS has enough info on this in your support ticket thread about it though. So they will have the maximum chance of knowing the cause and will be able to pass it on to their developers if they can see that it is a bug.

Is this issue happening through phone message or desk?

it happens on desk. I haven’t used on phone though!

I have already provided them full list of buyers and all screenshots of buyers telling me this is an issue with my account only. This is frustrating to say the least

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Have you tried refreshing your browser and cleaning all cookies?

Also try messaging through phone and see if it still happens.