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Buyers can't leave reviews


Buyers can’t leave me a review even though they want to and they say there is something wrong with the site they can’t rate their experience. Is there a problem with the site? what should i do? i worked really hard and want them to rate my work and i get disappointed when they can’t leave a review because of the site.
also tried to contact CS but it doesn’t work idk why it’s giving me an error,


Maybe. I also just created this topic. Maybe something is happening from Fiverr side.

If you are not able to contact CS, send an email on from your registered email address. If you receive an automatic reply then everything is fine in the CS department.

Hope everything will get fixed soon.

Note: Do not send messages to customers about leave a feedback, the system can mark this as a violation of a terms of service.


Thank you for replying.
No i don’t ask anyone for a feedback, they’re messaging me after they mark the order as completed to say that they want to leave a review but they can’t and they loved the work. that’s why i get disappointed because i need those reviews on my Gig.