Buyers can't place an order on my gig


Can anyone please help me. One of my client tried to place an order on one of the gigs but couldn’t.

Did this happened to anyone else?? I can receive messages but I am not getting any gig order, which was pointed out by one of my regular clients. please help anyone.


I had a buyer who said he couldn’t place an order on one of my gigs but it fixed itself later on.


Have you sent in a Support ticket?


Two days ago, a buyer told me he tried to order one of my gigs but saw a pop-up message which said something like ‘unfortunately this gig is not available at this time’. The week previous I had made a minor text update on 3 gigs; that was one of them. Later that day, he wrote again to say he found this message on another of my gigs, and it was another one I had just updated. He ended up ordering from me with the 3rd recently-updated gig, without any error message! So my initial thought that the error had to do with being recently updated was incorrect (or else he wouldn’t have been able to place the order he did). Very confusing!

I was going to file a report with CS, but I went back to those 3 gigs as if to edit them again, just to double-check everything. I made NO changes, but clicked the “Save & Continue” button and went no further, just the first edit page. Then I asked my son to check my gigs on his computer as if to order (because I can’t order my own gigs, of course), and he saw no error messages. He went through the order process right up to the payment method, no problems.

I don’t know if my recent experience has any bearing on what happened with your client, but in any case, if you do end up filing a ticket with CS they’ll want to know what happened to your buyer. Did he see any error messages? Ask if he can grab screenshots of what happens when he tries to order, as my buyer did. His screenshots allowed me to see exactly what he saw, and his messages were extremely helpful~