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Buyers Can't Place Multiple Gig Orders Now?


Hi Everyone,

On last few weeks, a considerable number of clients complained that they are unable to place multiple gig orders and process payments. One of them sent me the following screenshot. It shows that there’s no option available to add multiple gigs to the order.

So, I tried placing an order in a gig of another seller and found that there’s no multiple gig ordering option available in the order confirmation page. Please see the following screenshot.

Since several clients complained about this issue, I contacted Fiverr CS and sent them a detailed report in a word doc with screenshots of each and every client who informed me about this glitch. However, their response was: “Please have your buyers contact us and we will try to assist them.”

To be honest, it is somewhat disappointed to receive such a response because no buyer would waste their time to contact Fiverr team :slight_smile:

Anyway, I contacted those buyers and asked them to get in touch with CS; I don’t know how many of them will contact Fiverr CS.

Any other who faced such issues? Is it really a bug on Fiverr?

If this prevails, we may lose $$$$$ :slight_smile:


All I can tell you is what I can see on different gig types. Gigs that don’t involve any word counts seem to have multiples when I look at them. Like here:

Gigs that DO have a word count seem to change only when the word count is altered:

I’m not saying this is good or bad, but it’s what I see in comparing gig types. The one you showed a screen shot of uses word counts instead of gig multiples.


Yes, I checked several other gigs that don’t involve word counts and found the same.

I think its unfair for clients to add the required word count and place the order accordingly because most writers charge more for lengthy articles. For instance, I charge $5 for a 400-500word article and I charge $15 and $25 for 600-800word article and 800-1000word article respectively i.e. $10 Extra for each 200words. That’s how my pricing strategy of packages works.

In your screenshot also it is clearly visible that the seller charges $20 for 600words while $5 for 300words.

I think multiple gig feature was available in Word Count gigs as well earlier because I received many multiple gig orders. Wondering why they have changed that option?


I don’t know. It is a little strange. Perhaps it is just testing. Since you already contacted Customer Support I don’t think there is much else you can do for now. If other people dislike this change and they send their complaints in to Support, it’s always possible Fiverr will do something different.

As far as how it calculates word counts, it appears to be based on more than the price of a base gig. It also takes into account the number you enter for X amount of extra words in your package or gig setup.