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Buyers CAN'T READ and just buy and then cancel hurting SELLERS %

I have never had an issue with anyone… Ive done multiple reviews for peoples comic books and they have all been 5 star and even tips… BUT every single person that has clicked on mine has NOT read what the job was and I had to explain it to them and give a new offer… luckily 2 of them worked it out with me… ONE of them acted like a 5 year old and started calling me names and getting verbally abusive and canceled even though i gave him exactly what he asked for… and then a FREE revision when i didnt have to do it… STILL wanted his refund opened a case against me and got his money back… F*CK Fiver this page is like ebay and others that only help the buyer and SCREW the seller… I cant respond on why it was canceled but he gets to put a false message about me on there… it lowerd my score from 100% to 75% because HE AS A BOOK WRITER CANNOT READ… this is such bullshit i dont know if im ever going to use this website again and im going to spread the word of this ONE SIDED nonsense… it is not fair at all that the buyer can hire you to do the work. you take the time to do the work and they get their money back AND they have your work still… its a ■■■■■■■ scam and FIVER is part of it by not fixing it.


This is not Fiverr, this is life. Earth. Humans.


I had 10 orders canceled due to this during the past 30 days… At some point you just get used to it and move on…

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not when everytime they cancel because they cant read it hurts your rating causing you to get less work.

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Well, you either waste time arguing with them, they go to support and still get the order canceled if you want. Or you just move on and work on other stuff that actually gets you paid.

Nothing is perfect in this world. So you won’t find only perfect buyers here.

Why do you only have this problem here?

Well, first let’s talk about how many times this happened to you?

Since it happened to me 20 times and I lost 400$ on Fiverr due to scammers and frauds and all of it.

It happened on Ebay and FB too.

So the fact you only have this problem here is not because of “here” it is just coincidence, and luck on the other sites.

yeah man i know what to do… im talking about Fiver… they obviously dont… it is an easy fix… help the sellers out just as much as the buyers… its not a hard concept to understand… fairness on a website.

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its not a coincidence when i see other people complaining about the same problem… maybe you should research it … it seems to be a pretty large problem on Fiver… and yes lets talk about it… I have a simple one… I wil review your comic book or artwork… 3 people in the last month or so selected it… 2 of them loved it and even tipped me BUT still didnt read it and i had to explain to them because they didnt read it. luckily we worked it out. the 3rd person did the same but then acted like an insane person… so 100% of the people that click on my stuff dont even read what it is. just selected it without asking any questions or anything

you said yourselve you lost 400 dollars and been scammed before… dont you think FIVER could step in an protect you more as a seller?

I meant it is coincidence it is happening to you only here, it suppose to happen to you everywhere on all platforms.

We all are complaining about this for years, some sellers are complaining about the very thing you are saying from 2010. You can find topics from 2010 same as yours, same issue.

Fiverr is not going to do anything about it. Why would they? “If you do not like it, leave.” That is their policy. “Nobody is forcing you to use Fiverr.” mentality

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i still find it hilarious and sad that WRITERS can’t even read very sad… and they only wanna pay for positive reviews. no one can take criticisms anymore even if its in a kind way… very sad for the future of this genre

I lost way way more than that due to refunds, cancellations and scammers.

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good to know this is a safe website to use…

I don’t know why they do that!! For every order, they get way more money from the seller than from the buyer(except 5 dollar order). So, supposedly they should at least consider buyer side(if not be on buyer’s side). Actually it’s like, “hey seller, this is your living/part of living. So, whatever we do to you, you will keep using me. But, buyer will not come back if they are unhappy. So, your opinion as a buyer does not bother me at all. Live with that or LEAVE”

Look, I understand how some customers can be annoying with their inability to read, that actually does happen everywhere, not only on fiverr.
But in your case I would consider a possibility of you being responsible for misunderstandings. Your gig description consists of exactly one sentence:

You will supply me with your comic book or kids book and I will write a professional review you can use to help advertise your book!

You blame the writers for not being able to read, but you, as a writer, didn’t even bother to write a complete and detailed description of the service you are trying to sell.
And frankly that one sentence you have there can be interpreted in several different ways. Hence buyers have questions.
If I were to order your gig, I would ask a few questions, even if I didn’t have any, just to see how you write in communication, because you don’t demonstrate your skill in any way in your gig description. Or I could go full stalker mode and google the hell out of you to finally find out what kind of writing I might expect. Yeah, not everyone would want to do that.

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This very rarely happens to me, I don’t recall when the last one happened. If it happens that much perhaps look at how your gig is written and the packages are defined.
It’s easy to blame buyers but a clearly defined gig has a much better chance of not needing cancellation.

Edit: looking at your gig, are you getting people asking you to write a review on Amazon etc?
You have a one line gig description that says you will write a review of their gig. It’s not hard to see why people might assume you are offering to create false reviews, which of course is against Fiverr rules.