Buyers can't seem to know they need to 'Submit Requirements'


I noticed many buyers simply do not understand or know how to submit the requirements and allow the order timer to begin.

Anyone else noticed that?
How can we make this an easier process for them…


By pestering them with 1001 messages daily about submitting requirements…! :triumph:

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The above statement was a Joke.


Dear i think you are right but there’s an option to talk with buyers in “INBOX” so if you think that buyer’s not going to give you full instruction about work you may let him/her know that he can edit his request… or delete it and write again with the full details. cheers


I definitely know about unboxing buyers.
I was simply speculating if fiverr can come up with a more efficient way to have buyers know what to do once purchased a gig :slight_smile:


If you have at least one requirement set with “Answer is Mandatory” the clock doesn’t start until the buyer completes that requirement.

If they don’t attach a script, the clock doesn’t start running for my VO gig.

I send them a message if they start a gig and an hour or two later they haven’t attached a script via the “Requirements” section.

So far working great for me overall. Occasionally a buyer has to be reminded a few times, not regularly.


I had that quite a few times, you can try to give them this link:

That was what Customer Support told me to do as well, when I had to ask them, in a few cases it worked, not in all though.


I tried to uncheck the box saying “requirement is mandatory” but got a message saying
"at least one requirement must be mandatory" so I’m not sure why they even have a box for that
you can uncheck.

There is always a long pause between when they place the order and when the order begins and if I am there watching I always send them a message letting them know they can ignore the one that says
what industry does this relate to.


I suspect it depends on your category. Some gigs have one requirement, others have a set. In your case I’m assuming you only have one requirement.

In my case I have a set of requirements, but only the script requirement is mandatory. The others (for example: “Do you want American or British accent”) have a default, so if they don’t answer the question, I just go with my default. (I also spell out that default in the requirements…)

Same for other options I have… they can fill them out, or go with the default if they don’t answer.